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Foods Connects Us

Perhaps that’s how the Ferris Family got to be such a close-knit crew. Our collective passion for plant-grown foods is what drives each of us to use our individual skills and talents to bring you thoughtfully sourced & roasted coffee and nuts. Our crew works hard, but at the end of even the longest days, we sincerely enjoy what we do.

When it comes to our products, we try to stay humble. But when it comes to our people, that’s where we feel we have some bragging rights. Whether we’re on the job or spending time outside of work, we consider ourselves to be friends and family as much as we are coworkers.

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We have a big family

Our sourcing takes us all over the world. We recognize that we couldn't fulfill our promis to deliver high-quality products without the help and support from so many people in far reaching corners of the globe. From family-owned famers and co-op mills to importers and exporters, the Ferris family includes them all.


Our Values

We've chosen these values as a reflection of our unique culture and use them to guide us throughout our business practice. From the hiring process and through production, our team members encapsulate the Ferris Values to their core. Throughout our teams, we want to embrace the individual and connect on a deeper level through these commitments.

  • Our Customers Are Top Priority
  • Work Hard, Play Hard
  • Open Mindedness
  • Enjoy Success Humbly + Learn From Mistakes
  • Do the Right Thing When No One is Looking
  • We Seriously Enjoy What We Do

Every year our team acknowledges six extra-awesome individuals that really go above and beyond to embrace these company values. Check out our amazing 2018 winners!

Evan Groendyk


Customers Are Our Top Priority

Sherwin Alie 80


Work Hard, Play Hard

Kate Cowen


Open Mindedness

Meisch Jeramy 52


Enjoy Success Humbly

Hustosky Lisa 75


Do the Right Thing When No One is Looking

Toscano Jovita 58


We Seriously Enjoy What We Do