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the business of plant-grown food and beverages.

Sustainability is simply part of who we are. It’s not an agenda or a checklist, it’s embedded into our culture. It’s a part of the way we think, source our products, act, and engage with our community. Not just to sustain the industry, but to ensure the industry can thrive.

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Ferris Sustainability Statement

We depend on the planet’s people and its resources for the success and growth of our company. For these reasons, and simply because it’s the right thing to do, we make sustainability a priority. We strive for constant improvement through the stewardship of our resources, our ecological impact, and positive engagement with our community. 

Pictured: Our team participating in a Habitat for Humanity house- building event in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

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Sourcing is about relationships

By building relationships with producers and importers, we move beyond the transaction. This practice benefits everyone involved in the creation of our products and ultimately delivers a better experience for our customers. This purchasing model is a Ferris commitment to the sustainability of the coffee and nut industries.