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  1. Ferris Artist's Mini Market

    In 2018, we remodeled our Ferris Coffee - Holland space and opened the doors to the Ferris Artist's Mini Market, a marketplace for local artists. This space is all about supporting local artists + getting the public to interact with their work. This year, we will be offering a rotating artist exhibition space within the Mini Market. Artists of all kinds -painting, ceramics, weaving, you name it!- will be able to sell their artwork in our space, located right in the heart of Downtown Holland- a bustling small town center. Ferris will retain a 20% commission from all work sold, but artists will not be required to pay a deposit or lease fee. 

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      Lina Lash
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  2. Our Retail Space Has Moved!

    If you haven't heard the news, now you have- our beloved retail space has moved from 227 Winter Ave to our new HQ on Seward Ave! Lucky for us (and our movers), it was only a four block move. Our new retail space features many of the products you came to know from our old space, with a refreshed style. In addition to the classics, we're also featuring self-serve bulk bins and a grind your own nut butter station (Endless peanut butter? SIGN US UP). Freshly brewed coffee and a simple espresso menu are available for shoppers, too! 

    New Retail Address: 839 Seward Ave NW Grand Rapids, MI

    Hours: M-F 8am-5pm

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  3. ArtPrize 10

    It’s that time of the year!! ArtPrize 10 is here: a celebration of community, creativity, and COFFEE! 

    It’s our third year as the Official Coffee sponsor of ArtPrize and this year we decided to choose our Medium Roast Nicaragua as the ~official~ ArtPrize coffee. This coffee comes to us from the San Antonio Co-op in Jinotega, Nicaragua. It is a single origin coffee comprised of green beans from 41 different producers (talk about collaboration!) with farms between 950 and 1150 meters above sea level. The result is a beautiful, approachable coffee with tasting notes of toasted almond, chocolate, and caramel. If you’re looking to pick up a bag, they're available at our 3 cafes (West Side GR, Downtown GR, and Holland)... continue reading →

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      Lina Lash
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  4. How to Brew Coffee With a Chemex

    Oh the Chemex. This brewing device is one of our favorites here at Ferris. The Chemex is a glass, one-piece filtered coffee brewer that is both a brewer and a decanter! It comes in a variety of sizes (3,6,8, and 10 cup) which makes this sweet thang the perfect choice for brewing up a couple of cups of coffee for friends & family. Happy brewing! 

  5. U.S. Coffee Championship Preliminaries (Info and Sign-Up!)

    Hey y'all, we're Ferris. We’re a Grand Rapids-based company passionate about roasting and serving specialty coffee. Our Director of Coffee, a licensed Q Grader, and team regularly travel to coffee-growing countries in order to get to know our suppliers and build lasting relationships with them. We’re committed to the sustainability of the coffee industry and believe that sourcing directly gives our team a deeper understanding of each unique farm and ultimately provides our customers with the best product. 

    We are beyond stoked to be hosting the 2019 U.S. Coffee Championship Preliminaries this year! Hope to see you there!

    Barista Competition Sign-Up

    Brewers Cup Sign-Up

    Volunteer Sign-Up

    Judge Sign-Up

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