Artprize Throwdown - September 29th

Artprize 8 embraces the challenge it is to consider a different perspective and to step out of our own comfort zones. Whether viewing artwork from a different angle, or putting ourselves in another's shoes, considering other viewpoints allows us to have a better understanding of the whole. The same is true in coffee. Art and science seem to always be in opposition, but in coffee, when both perspectives are in harmony, the result is evident in every cup. Baristas are no strangers to this tension, and when both art and science are balanced well, there is a better presentation of the whole experience of coffee.

To share this experience with Grand Rapids, we've partnered with Artprize to bring a throwdown of throwdowns to the stage of Rosa Parks Circle on September 29th - National Coffee Day. We're inviting baristas from around the country to compete for an exciting grand prize, while celebrating the artistry and technique that goes into the perfect latte art. 

Continue reading below for more information from Artprize on the throwdown as well as a chance to secure your spot on the bracket on the 29th.
We hope to see you all there!


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We've partnered with our friends at Ferris Coffee to bring a Latte Art Throwdown to the Rosa Parks Circle Stage on September 29 -- National Coffee Day! -- where baristas from across the country will compete for a fantastic prize (see below for details) and bragging rights. Two baristas and latte art afficionados will be selected to participate in this no-holds barred, bracket-style throwdown through the #FerrisLatteThrowdown Instagram Challenge. Think you have what it takes?

Starting today through September 23, share an original photo or video of your personal latte art on Instagram. Winners will be selected by a team of  judges and announced on September 24.

Here's How to Win

  1. Take a photo or video of your best latte art.
  2. Share your photo on Instagram.
  3. Tag @ferriscoffee and @artprize, and use the official competition hashtags #ArtPrize8 and #FerrisLatteThrowdown, in your photo description.

Please note -- All submissions must be free-poured: no stencils, etching, colors, etc.

Be sure to use our handles and hashtags as that's how we'll find your post and know you've entered! We'll connect with you via Instagram on September 24 to let you know you’ve won a spot to compete in the September 29 Latte Art Throwdown event.

Who Will Pick the Winners?

The awesome team at Ferris Coffee will be selecting the winners. Together, they'll be reviewing your #FerrisLatteThrowdown submissions based on the following criteria:

  • Balance & Symmetry: Dividing lines are clean, even, and show no signs of hesitation. Individual elements work well with and complement each other. There is no sense of awkwardness. Harmony between the size of the cup and size of the design (design fills the cup).
  • Presentation: Clarity of design, Cleanliness of Cup, Milk texture
  • Originality: Personal Flair/Passion (style points)

What Will You Win at the September 29 Throwdown?

The grand prize for the first place winner of the September 29th Ferris Latte Art Throwdown will be... *drum rolls*... a La Marzocco Linea Mini! Go big or go home we say.

Taste the Official Coffee of ArtPrize, roasted by Ferris Coffee, at the Ferris Coffee Truck making pop-up appearances around the city and at milestone events. You can also try the ArtPrize Eight blend -- and purchase a bag or two of your own! -- at the ArtPrize HUB/HQ throughout the 19-day event.

Original post by Jaenell Woods of Artprize on September 14, 2016

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