US Coffee Championship - Barista Competition - Kansas City


It's our last day in Kansas City, home of some of the best BBQ around, and this week, the best coffee in the world! Dan and AJ have done an amazing job of representing Ferris Coffee out here for the US Coffee Championships qualifiers. We're anxiously awaiting the judge's final scores, but couldn't be more proud of what these guys have done.

AJ's coffee also comes from Finca Leoncio, but just 10 miles away from the farm in Costa Rica lies a mill called Helsar de Zarcero. At this mill there is a state of the art cascara processing station, where the skin and mucilage of the coffee is dried out to be sold as tea. AJ concentrated this tea in a simple syrup for his signature drink.

"I was really happy with the roast and preparation of the coffee, and feel like it was tasting great for competition", said AJ after his performance. "I just want to say a huge thanks to Ferris for letting me represent the company for the first time in this competition. I think Ferris did a great job of showcasing their dedication to sourcing quality specialty coffee. This is just the beginning for Ferris in the specialty coffee industry, and we're all really proud to be a part of it."

We'll have a full recap with final results for you next week! For now, join us in a round of applause for Dan and AJ. It's been a great week!

If you missed AJ's performance, you can catch a summary below thanks to Sprudge and their live tweeting at the event!