New Coffee - Kenya Kiangoi Peaberry


We’re really excited to share a glimpse of the behind the scenes for how we’ve been creating the new coffee identities you’ve seen floating around! Storytelling helps to connect so many aspects of what we do here at Ferris. It’s really driven by our people and the experiences behind the scenes. For example, as Sam Mirto travels to search for some of the world’s best coffee offerings, his stories help to influence the way we approach the coffee he brings home. From the nuances of the processing methods, to the unique characteristics of the region itself, Sam’s stories guide the way we present our coffees to you!

In line with telling stories, we’re really excited to introduce our new Kenya Kiangoi Peaberry to you all. Below, Sam explains a little of what influenced his decision to bring this specific coffee to Ferris. In addition to Sam’s experience, Ursula Casanova and Lisa Pavia, our graphic designers here at Ferris, talk through the process of creating the artwork for this coffee, and how the stories Sam brings home with him provide the direction behind the design.

Next time you’re in, be sure to ask about our new Kenya Kiangoi Peaberry, and let us know what you think!


"I was first introduced to our Kiangoi Peaberry on a cupping table in Nairobi. The cup really stood out to me among the rest of the presented coffees because it was completely void of the typical currant and sweet tomato profile that Kenyan coffees often carry. There was a distinct lingering honeyed sweetness that lasted for minutes after each sip that was balanced with a grapefruit-like acidity. The coffee also carried notes of black fruits through the middle of the cup. It was surprisingly satisfying and unique, and I knew right away that I had to bring this coffee to share with everyone at Ferris.

Just north east of Nairobi, Kiangoi Peaberry comes from a growing district that is part of the Rungeto Co-Op. Around 1800 meters above sea level, it is grown with SL28 and SL34 varietals. This is currently my favorite coffee in our lineup right now, along with Granitos from Costa Rica!"
–Sam Mirto, Director of Coffee and Certified Q-Grader



In creating coffee identities for our new coffee packaging launching next year, Ursula and Lisa have been meeting with Sam to talk about his experiences on the origin trips. Sam’s experiences in these places influence the design for our coffee labels, because his perspective is unique to Ferris.

"When talking to Sam about his experience in Kenya, he said that the soil was a beautiful hue of orangey red everywhere, therefore we decided to pull this orangey red hue into the design as the background. Also the drying beds looked rusty and there was dirt floor underneath, so we added a texture to the background to give it that rusty textured look. As you can see by the design, this coffee has a very distinct citrus flavor to it. It also has a honey graham taste. The bright yellow used within the design is inspired by the intense allure of acidity in this coffee. Sam told us that all the sorting is done by hand to find defects, so Ursula did some hand lettering for the typography of Kiangoi K Peaberry."
–Lisa Pavia, Graphic Designer