SCAA US Coffee Championships


We are proud to announce that our Head Barista, Daniel Shoup, has qualified for the US Coffee Championship in Atlanta, Georgia! Dan's solid score of 151.85 placed him in the top 36 overall, allowing him to advance to the USBrC in Atlanta.

The Brewers Cup qualifying competition comprises of two events: Open Service and Compulsory. During Open Service, competitors use their choice pour over method to present their best coffee. They brew three cups of coffee for the three judges and are scored on various points like aroma, flavor, taste description, consistency, and customer service. During Compulsory, competitors are given an unmarked bag of coffee with which they must brew, taste, dial in, and select their choice brewing method to present what they believe brings out the best tasting notes of the coffee. Dan scored a 77.68 in Open Service and a 74.17 in Compulsory.

The SL-28 we selected from Finca Leoncio in Costa Rica was an amazing coffee that we were honored to be able to compete with. Thanks to their hard work and an origin trip to Costa Rica, Dan and AJ represented the coffee, the farm, and Ferris as a whole, with a true knowledge of the coffee and understanding of the sourcing process. Thank you for sharing your Cup of Excellence winner with us Don Antonio! We were honored to represent your family and your farm, Finca Leoncio, at the competition!

We'll be busy preparing for Atlanta over the next months. For now, here are some photos from the qualifying event in Kansas City. See you in Atlanta!