What is Ferris Brew Crew?

What is Ferris Brew Crew? Remember sliced bread? Well, it’s the best thing since that. Ferris Brew Crew is our West Side coffee shop’s version of a mug club. It opens up a whole new world of coffee to our members, and let’s you get in the know, even before we are.

Joining Brew Crew gets you more than just great coffee and deals; it also connects you with other coffee enthusiasts through events, parties and more. Want to learn how to make a great pour over? Brew Crew has classes for that. Roastery tours? Got that too. Early access to new coffee and great discounts on gear? Check and check. Brew Crew members are covered all year long.

Sign-ups begin on December 1st, so get ready to join the best group around! This year, memberships are just $65 and are good for all of 2017.

Curious about the perks? We thought you’d never ask!

Here’s all the cool $%*! you get.

  • A pretty rad mug. We’ll hold on to it for you until the year’s up. 
  • You gotta fill that mug, which shouldn’t be too hard with $1 off Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 in-house brews. 
  • AND we’ll throw in a 20% discount on all merch. 
  • Bringing coffee home? How’s 10% off all brew gear sound? 
  • Still not impressed? Here’s $1 off in-house espresso drinks on Thursdays. 
  • Plus you get $2 off bags of coffee every day, and $3 off on Thursdays! 
  • Fridays = $9 bottomless Chemexes for you and up to three friends.
  •  Want to bring your coffee skills to the next level? We’re giving you a FREE Foundry Class. AND you can bring a friend! 
  • You’ll also get $10 off all additional Foundry Classes! 
  • Because you’re part of Brew Crew, you’ll be in-the-know before most of us are on the latest happenings and events. 
  • Finally, we’ll hook you up with a free bag of Tier 1 or Tier 2 coffee AND a drink of your choice on your birthday. 

Ready to sign up? Come in to our West Side location and talk to a barista starting December 1st!