Coffee + Beer

Coffee and beer.

Arguably two of the world’s greatest beverages. And while it is documented that beer was used as payment for laborers in the early years of civilization, some might suggest that coffee was consumed while brewing those first batches of beer. Okay, so that’s probably not factually accurate, but it is safe to say that coffee and beer are two of the most culturally-influencing beverages throughout human history. This is evident even to this day, especially here in Michigan.


We’ve written at length detailing the parallels between the specialty coffee and craft beer cultures. The overlap in nuance, vernacular, and social prominence create some fun and interesting conversation (not to mention web content see HERE and HERE). What really gets us excited is when this conversation leads to collaboration and we are asked to roast coffee to serve as an ingredient in someone else’s beer.

Over the past few years, we’ve had the privilege of working with a growing number of Michigan craft breweries. It is truly a humbling experience for us to participate in such an exciting industry. With this privilege comes an immense responsibility to source and roast our coffees with quality at the forefront of our mind. There are an astonishing number of variables that contribute to coffee quality, and maybe that’s a conversation for a different day. But for now, let’s raise a glass to some of the many coffee and beer collaborations crafted right here in our home state of Michigan! Cheers.


Round Barn Brewing Co. - Baroda, MI

Railtown - Caledonia, MI

Coldbreak Brewing  - Cedar Springs, MI

Sister Lakes Brewing Co. - Dowagiac, MI

Founders Brewing Co. - Grand Rapids, MI

Greyline Brewing Co. - Grand Rapids, MI

Brewery Vivant - Grand Rapids, MI

Hopcat - Grand Rapids, MI

Grand Rapids Brewing Co. - Grand Rapids, MI

The BOB’s Brewery - Grand Rapids, MI

Creston Brewery - Grand Rapids, MI

Fountain Hill Brewery - Grand Rapids, MI

The Mitten - Grand Rapids, MI

New Holland - Holland, MI

Big Lake Brewing Co. - Holland, MI

White Flame Brewing Co. - Hudsonville, MI

Bell’s - Kalamazoo, MI

Cellar Brewing Co. - Sparta, MI

Silver Harbor Brewing Co. - St. Joseph, MI