Coffee Catering + Ferris Coffee Truck

Coffee Catering + Ferris Coffee Truck 
Q&A with Hope Berghuis, Coffee Events Coordinator

You may have seen the Ferris coffee truck parked around town or a Ferris brew bar at a local event serving up coffee drinks to the community. Now that summer is in full swing, opportunities for the coffee truck and brew bar have been popping up! The Ferris Coffee truck is our coffee on wheels — our version of a food truck. The Brew Bar is a pop-up coffee counter where our team brews pour overs and serves coffee for different events. We sat down with Hope Berghuis, our Coffee Events Coordinator, to get the scoop on past and upcoming events as well as opportunities through catering. 

What kind of events can the coffee truck/brew bar cater to?
Everything from weddings to teacher appreciation events to new business launches in the community. We also do a lot of work with local organizations that we believe benefit Grand Rapids. We don’t have many restrictions, we just need electrical power and we can do it!

What beverages do we offer on the coffee truck?
Espresso, coffee, and specialty teas. There is so much you can customize: specific espresso drinks, milk options, and we can create new drinks as well! We have full size equipment on the truck ready to go.

What do we offer for brew bar?
Hand crafted pour overs for people. We grind and brew it right there. It’s basically like having an on-site brew technician. This is great because it gives us an opportunity to talk to people about the different coffees we offer and it allows them to try different ones.

Where has our coffee truck been so far this summer?
The big event so far this year was Electric Forest which was really fun and I’m proud of our staff for all their hard work during those two weekends. Another fun event we did was a local high school open house. We worked with the customer to find out exactly what kind of drinks and milk options they wanted. I like working with clients to really personalize each event—to envision what they imagine and make it come to life—within the realms of what we can do. Starting September 20th, we will be at Rosa Parks Circle as the official coffee sponsor of Art Prize.

What about the brew bar?
The brew bar is at Creative Mornings every month doing morning coffee for the attendees. We recently catered a meeting at Habitat for Humanity headquarters. It’s rewarding to be a part those types of events and to provide energy to those conversations.

Why do you think it’s important for us to do events like Electric Forest?
Electric Forest is a super unique event to be at, especially for a 100 year old company. I think it’s important because it represents how approachable we are to different types of people and that’s something I love about Ferris so much. Our coffee is approachable—it’s welcoming and we aim to make everyone feel like they have a place. It’s important to show people that Ferris is for everyone.

Why is it important to do any events in the community?
To build relationships and support people in the community through coffee and hospitality. That is part of our core values. Also bringing personality behind the coffee to those events. Yea we make coffee, but we are people and we love Grand Rapids. We don’t just drop off the coffee and leave—we are there to serve it and be apart of what’s going on. Just being a part of the community we live in, and hopefully bringing people in through that. 

What kind of opportunities has the truck/brew bar provided for Ferris? Would you say we reach a new customer base through these outlets?
I would say so. We are still trying to share the new face of Ferris since our rebrand and a lot of people don’t know that. People get really excited about our coffee. It’s a good opportunity to let people know about our two locations. It’s also good for future events and networking through coffee to target new customers as well. From a community standpoint, being at Creative Mornings and being an Art Prize sponsor, boosts our personality in the community.

How can people find out more about catering? or Email is great but I love sitting down to have a cup of coffee and talk about it. The best conversations happen over a cup of coffee :-)

Is there anything else you would like to add?
Ferris also can sponsor fundraising events or benefit galas. We love to support organizations in the community through coffee sponsorships.

Check out these upcoming events:

  • Friday August 4th: Movies in the Park | 6pm–12pm
  • Saturday, August 19th: Jazz Fest at Rosa Parks Circle | 12pm–8pm
  • September 20th–October 8th: Art Prize at Rosa Parks Circle
  • November 16th–November 18th: Beer, Food and Wine Fest at Devos Place

More events to come!