Costa Rica Tier Flight


Costa Rica is rich in the diversity of the specialty coffee that is produced there. For those who enjoy an occasional cup as well as for the coffee enthusiasts, Costa Rica has continually displayed a depth of variety in offerings that span a wide spectrum of unique qualities. As our Director of Coffee, Sam Mirto has traveled to Costa Rica to work with our producers, we've been able to develop our relationship with them over the years. With approachability at the forefront of our minds, we’re thrilled to share those connections with you and offer a new experience here at Ferris: The Costa Rica Tier Flight.


This custom designed bundle highlights three different coffees from Costa Rica, displaying the country’s vast success in producing some amazing, high-scoring coffees. Our goal with this flight is simple: we want to make coffee approachable for everyone to enjoy. We’ve included a Tier One, Tier Two, and Tier Three coffee which exemplify the nuances of each tier, how they vary, and how each offering can be enjoyed by anyone.


Each design is inspired by Sam's unique experiences with the people in the different regions. It is a way to connect the grower and the customer, two vital relationships to us, whose only interaction with each other is through each cup of coffee. The processing methods, stories of the producers, and tasting notes all come together to guide the characteristics of each design in the bundle. The back of each bag shares a little about the origin of that specific coffee, bringing the entire experience full circle.

We hope you’ll come experience our new Costa Rica Tier Flight and enjoy these Costa Rican coffees as much as we do. This bundle is available at both of our coffee shop locations as well as online