Holiday 2017 Gift Guide

The holidays are right around the corner and with them comes the sometimes dreaded task of finding gifts for loved ones. It can be difficult to pinpoint exactly what your friends and family want or need in their lives and that's why we created this handy dandy gift guide!

First up, the Homey Homie. This gift set is perfect for that friend who just likes to stay inside and be cozy, no matter what the occasion. Winter Avenue Brew is a coffee blend comprised of our Nicaragua La Amistad and Brazil Carmo de Minas coffees. This blend of coffee has creamy, chocolate, and nutty tasting notes, which makes it a great daily drinker. Throw in a rom-com DVD and your friend won't need to leave the comfort of their couch all winter long.

The Busy Bee: We all have that one friend who lives at a coffee shop. Their days consist of powering through freelance photography work and chugging not one but three cups of coffee. They appreciate the finer things, though. They care about their coffee and won't skimp on quality, even if it is their third cup that day. This person needs a Brew Crew membership. The perks are great: discounted brewed coffee and espresso drinks, a sweet mug, cheaper bags of coffee, a free coffee class, and more! Your friend, their wallet, and their slight coffee addiction will thank you!

*Brew Crew sign-ups are available at our West Side shop only and will begin the first week of December 2017! 

The People Pleaser: You just became friends and you're still getting to know a bit about their likes and dislikes. One thing you know for sure? They can take down an entire bag of trail mix (on or off of the trail). Festive Holiday Tins were made for this person. With a variety of sizes and mixes to choose from, your friend will be totally satisfied... at least for the thirty minutes it takes for them to eat the entire tin.

From PTA to IPA: They're a West Michigan parent through and through. When they're not kickin' butt as a regional marketing manager, you can find them hanging out with their friends at Founder's trying the newest IPA. Weekend plans include sipping coffee on the porch, day hikes with the family, and kicking back with a cool drink. This growler will be their new best friend. From day to night, coffee to beer, they'll never be without their go-to drinks.

The Craft Beer Nut: You've been friends since Freshman year of college. They went through their party animal phase (never forget that toga party...). But now they're just enjoying their adult life, working the ol' 9-5 at a cool start-up in the city. They still like to have fun, though, and enjoy throwing the occasional get together. Craft Beer Nuts will change their life. This salty mix is exactly what they need on-hand for the "Beers of West Michigan Flight Night" party they're hosting. So grab a 6-pack of local brew and a 6-pack of craft beer nuts and you're set!

Coffee Connoisseur (Kind of): They're a straight-up sweetheart and love having you over to chat. They pride themselves on always having hot coffee on hand when you come over. In fact, they just bought a Chemex! The only problem, they haven't quite mastered their coffee brewing techniques and just served you a hot cup of... uh... not quite coffee. They've got a thirst for learning and, well, a thirst for good coffee, so sign them up for a Home Brewing class at The Foundry! They can learn brewing techniques and ask all the questions they want.  

*Foundry Class gift certificates are available at our West Side shop. You can choose between a Home Brewing Class or a Tasting Class. Once you have purchased the gift certificate, the recipient of the gift can look online at and choose a class time that works for them! If they cannot find a Home Brewing or Tasting class that works with their schedule, they can apply their coupon code to any other class that is available.