New Coffee Packaging is here!

Our new packaging is easy on the eyes and it provides us with the opportunity to give you an incredible coffee experience. Not only will it house the coffee you love and keep it fresh, but this packaging is made with the intention of sharing the stories behind the beans.

So, what exactly changed? The answer is…everything! (except the delicious, freshly-roasted coffee inside the bag, of course). We chose a 12 oz. block-bottom bag that stands up naturally, making storage a lot easier. We also transitioned to a zipper seal as opposed to a tin tie. This will help keep your coffee at optimum freshness—even after the bag has been opened!
We also updated the messaging on the bag to better fit with the relevancy of where our coffee program is today. The back panel puts coffee into perspective with a focus on people: including the producers, the carriers, the roasters, the baristas, and most importantly, you—the customer! All play an important role in the journey of each coffee.

We  also chose to put two main pieces of information on the front label – tasting notes and roast level so you won't be overwhelmed with facts up front! But don't worry coffee geeks, we include all the nitty gritty details on the bottom of the bag, including varietals, processing method, and roast date. Did you know you could look up details about each coffee on our website too?
The most visually exciting aspects of the new coffee packaging are the labels. Perhaps you have seen some of the designs already on the website? Our design team has been working hard to visually differentiate each coffee by giving each one its own unique label. The inspiration for the design is inspired by the history of the coffee, our team’s real life experiences at origin, and unique aspects about the coffee itself. We call this design the coffee’s identity.
For example, the coffee identity for Costa Rica Granitos de Ortiz is a textile-inspired design, geometrically created in a pattern of fours. This is to represent the textiles hanging in the mill and the four daughters of the Ortiz family who now primarily run the business. It was clear to our team that the facility emphasized empowering women and we wanted to capture that passion in this design. The use of the color red represents the red honey process. Furthermore, the patterns and bright colors are inspired by Costa Rican textiles.

Another example embraces the history of one of our most popular blends—Kent Club—which was originally blended specifically for the Kent Country Club. It is available to all of our customers now, but because of that history, the team decided to honor that story through the design of the Kent Club coffee identity by incorporating a golf-inspired plaid pattern!

Come down to our shop to see it for yourself! Please contact us on social media for any questions or comments about coffee identities or new packaging in general. We would love to hear from you!