The Art of Ferris: Alicia Miracle

With ArtPrize in full-swing, we’re feeling pretty artsy. The main theme of ArtPrize Nine is having the courage to make your mark, whether that be at work or in your everyday life. We decided to look within our company to see what kind of art is being made by our employees every day! At Ferris, many of our team members are artists whether they know it or not. Pouring lattes, making gift baskets, roasting, shipping/receiving—each position is its own unique form of art. It takes courage for these people to do what they do each day and it keeps Ferris functioning. A lot of our employees are artists outside of work as well, with skills ranging from photography to music. We decided to highlight a few of them in this short series. First up, Alicia Miracle, our Retail Manager. 

So Alicia, what kind of creative work do you do at Ferris? 

I do all of the gift packaging. I get to choose the seasonal gift packaging options and come up with any custom gift items. It can be really fun because I get to choose the patterns, colors, and what actually goes into the gift baskets!

What brought you into the food and beverage industry?

I was working in coffee for a while when I found a job posting at Ferris. I’ve worked in retail for my entire life so this job fit really well with my skill set. It’s very different from any other job that I’ve had because I get to be really creative. 

What kind of art do you do outside of work?

My husband and I do wedding/portrait photography. I’ve been doing it for six years but we became a husband and wife team about two years ago. 
What gives you the courage to pursue your art?
I really just love love. It's very rewarding for my husband and I to document peoples' life stories because we have a pretty unique life story ourselves. We really enjoy being able to find out a couple's story and then tell it to others through photography.

So what is this unique story of yours?

Well, my husband and I actually grew up down the street from each other. We have known each other for almost twenty-two years! 

Check out their website to see more of their beautiful work: