Ferris is Moving!

The West Side is not only the best side—it's home


In the late 1800s, William Ferris started a hotel and coffee shop in Grand Rapids, MI. Since then, Ferris Coffee & Nut Co. has moved several times, had a handful of different owners, and has developed and transformed. However, one aspect of Ferris has remained consistent throughout the years: the business has always been west of the Grand River and has always been proud to be part of the West Side community. Ferris has moved from Front St. to Fulton St. to our current location on Winter Ave. In the 2nd quarter of 2018 our headquarters will move yet again into the American Seating Building on Seward & 7th. This move is not only continuing the tradition of calling the West Side home, it is also continuing the pattern of embracing change and growth.

The move to Seward & 7th is one our team is extremely excited for. Though the building is only a few blocks away, it is 165,000 sq. ft.—almost three times the size of our current building! This move will consolidate all our production operations into one location, optimize operational flow and sustainability, provide more warehousing space and opportunities for workshops and education through The Foundry, and that's just the beginning. In a nutshell, it’s our way of saying, “We’re committed to this community, we’re here to stay, and we’re excited to have the capabilities to do so much more!”

Rendering of our new home

With this move on the horizon, our current facility was put up for sale. Last week it was officially announced that we sold our  building to long-term neighbors, Grand Valley State University. GVSU plans to use the space to expand their school of engineering, a field that is growing exponentially. We couldn’t imagine a better organization to sell to and it is a great feeling knowing the space will be used for the purpose of education. Cody Pike, Ferris' CFO, described the deal stating, “It really felt like community neighbors working together to achieve an outcome that was beneficial to all parties and the West Side community”.

This of course raises the question of what will happen to the coffee shop and retail store. We believe that collaboration is key to developing and promoting an educated community, and we are actively working out a deal with GVSU to maintain the space we’ve all come to enjoy.

Each day more exciting transformation unfolds on the West Side. We see new businesses open, more people moving to the area, people learning, growing and living in the diverse and beautiful part of the city that we love. We are proud that it feels so natural to be a part of it all, because after all it's home.