Celebrate National Heart Month

February is National Heart Month and there's no better way to celebrate than by grabbing a handful of your favorite nutty mix! When you incorporate nuts and dried fruit into your diet, you’re doing more than just having a delicious snack—you’re boosting your heart health in a bunch of amazing ways. 

When you eat nuts as a part of a healthy diet: 

  1. Your LDL (Bad) cholesterol levels are lowered
  2. Your risk of developing blood clots is lowered
  3. The lining of your arteries gets healthier
  4. You improve your overall health and can lose weight

Here's where dried fruit comes into play. Both nuts and dried fruit have vitamins and minerals, but when you pair the two together—whoa! You’re looking at one protein-packed, vitamin & mineral-rich super snack. One of our go-to heart-healthy snacks is Cherries Berries & Nuts. With a raw version and a roasted salted version, you’ve got yourself some serious snacking options. 

An easy way to incorporate more nuts and dried fruit into your diet is by adding them to recipes!

  1. Mix up your favorite nuts & dried fruits with quinoa and a light vinaigrette for the perfect grain salad. 
  2. Make a quick and easy chicken wrap with grilled chicken, greens and nuts & dried fruit. Toss in your favorite dressing or try a combo of olive oil, apple cider vinegar, greek yogurt, and spices!
  3. If you’re craving something sweet, toss a handful of nuts & dried fruit into a banana bread mix. Swap in coconut oil, greek yogurt, and whole wheat flour for an even healthier version. 

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