What The Heck is Nitro Cold Brew?

We’ve been hyping up our Nitro Cold Brew Coffee for a few weeks now and it just hit us… some of you might be thinking “WHAT THE HECK IS NITRO COLD BREW?” And “WHY SHOULD I DRINK IT?”

So we thought we’d break it down for you:

It all started in 2014, when our coffee team started experimenting with cold brew on tap and in bottles. It was sort of a passion project. Simply put, our team loved making cold brew and wanted to share it with our customers. As the years went on, we realized that we had a good thing going. Our cold brew was good. Like… really good. That's where nitro came onto the scene. West Michigan is rich with craft beer culture, and we’ve loved seeing the parallels between coffee and beer throughout the years, especially with nitro beers. So why not throw some nitro magic into the mix?

Heres where science comes into play. Nitrogen is really something special. When you add nitrogen to cold brew, it removes most of the dissolved oxygen in the brew and it breaks apart into tiny bubbles. These tiny little bubbles are what gives you that creamy, silky mouthfeel. Basically, you're looking at one smooth and chocolaty coffee drink without any cream or sugar (crazy, right?). We may call it nitro-magic, but really its nitro-science—either way it adds something truly special to your coffee.

So why would you want to drink Nitro Cold Brew? Isn't hot coffee enough? 

Cold brew isn't really in competition with hot coffee, it's kind of like hot coffee's ~cool~ younger brother. We wanted to make a portable nitro cold brew for people who were looking to mix it up a little or just wanted a specialty coffee option on-the-go. Maybe you kick off the morning with a hot cup of coffee and when that 3 pm feeling hits, you crack open a nice cold brew. Or try mixing up one of your favorite cocktails with a nitro twist! It's all about options, baby! And introducing a cold, specialty coffee offering to your office coffee program is another great way to keep employees feeling motivated and appreciated. 

So crack open a cold one with us on April 2nd and remember, #WeLikeItCold.