Holiday Shopping Starts Now

It’s that time of the year again in summer where we all start thinking about Christmas, right? Or is it just us? The sweltering sun beating down on you at the beach doesn’t remind you of sleigh bells? Well, we always have to be thinking ahead of the game so that we can make your life easier. In this case, we are ready to announce and launch our Corporate Gifts of 2019. 

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Back again are our pre-packaged gifting options for friends, coworkers, bosses, clients and even family members. We’ve taken the stress out of holiday shopping and put the flavor in so that you can show your appreciation. We’ve curated a range of items and baskets that can be bought individually or in bulk. This way, you can spoil your favorite clients and snag that gift for your child’s teacher all in one place!

So what are the benefits of giving gifts this holiday season in the business world? A recent report estimated the market for non-cash business gifts is about $125 billion. That's a lot of money being spent but the real measure is in ROIs, which 80% of executives believe generate measurable growth and intangible benefits. “Gifts humanize business,” said a survey respondent. “It pays for itself two fold,” said another.

Form Deeper Connections. 

Whether a client is past, present, or future, it is an opportunity to go the extra mile. It’s a chance to show you haven’t forgotten about them, a moment to go above your competition, and a way to re-connect. By sending a thoughtful gift, you begin to humanize the business relationship with something more impactful.

Bridge the Divides.

The world market is ever-evolving, changing, and developing. We work with partners on the other side of the globe and while we may not meet face-to-face often, we still want to build something meaningful. Geographical distance is no longer an excuse not to show appreciation. We can ship directly to the receiver so they get the gift quicker and you can feel like you’ve taken the extra step to show you care.

Tip: Add a personalized message! Studies show that adding something personable to a gift adds a level of respect and thoughtfulness. To make things easier for you, call us at Ferris Customer Service 616-459-6257 to schedule your gifts and custom note. Or simply email us

Choose Hand-crafted, Choose Gourmet.

Quality over quantity, right? Here at Ferris, we’ve built strong relationships by sourcing thoughtfully with every ingredient we put into our products. The quality of our products transcends into the quality of the gift you’re giving. We hand-package, wrap, and top with a bow for your convenience. You can know that when it comes from Ferris, it encompasses a standard and a level of value that is above the competition. 

Be Better Than a Gift Card.

Listen, we all know it’s easy to head to the grocery store, grab a handful of gift cards and set the amount but employees reveal that’s just not what they want. Despite how valuable or great a gift card may appear, it’s perceived lack of attention to detail or care for the recipient is more off-putting than spreading holiday cheer. 

Gifts are meant to be something one wouldn’t buy themselves. They are supposed to be an indulgence or a treat. They are a great way to show thoughtfulness and appreciation at all levels of business and relationships. And there are benefits for you, too! One study found activity within the brain that suggests giving gifts brings joy (possibly more) than receiving one. So go ahead, spread some joy. 

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If you can't gift a puppy, Ferris is the next best option.