2019 Rwandan Coffees

This month, two amazing Rwandan coffees will be coming to our shops and online store and we truly cannot wait to share them with you. While they both come from Rwanda, each coffee is unique in it’s flavor and brings with it stories that are special to our team here at Ferris. 

The first coffee is a fan favorite that we’re bringing back for it’s 3rd year! Rwanda Bushoki came to us when our Director of Coffee, Sam, made a trip to Rwanda in 2016. He cupped an assortment of coffees at the Rwanda Trading Company facility in the town of Kigali, but Bushoki stood out as his favorite coffee on the table. 

Rwanda Trading Company Cupping Lab

Bushoki is grown in the Rulindo region, a mountainous growing area in Rwanda.This washed coffee is a beautiful example of what Rwandan coffees can be. The higher growing elevation and longer fermentation time during processing lend themselves to a brighter, more complex final cup. It’s balanced but exciting, with a tea-like body and orange citrus acidity. 

The next coffee, Rwanda Huye Mountain, is new to Ferris but snagged its claim to fame when Stumptown Coffee Roasters used it to create one of their first single origin cold brews (Spoiler alert: it’s delicious). While the previously mentioned Bushoki has a gentle body and orange-like acidity, Huye Mountain is sweet, has honey suckle floral notes, and has a thick body. 

Broken down van near the base of Huye Mountain

The trip to the Huye Mountain washing station was an exciting one for Sam. When he and the crew he was with got to the base of the Huye Mountain, they got out of their truck to take a peek at the mountain. When they went to jump back into the car, they realized their driver had locked his keys in the car. After some time and many failed break-in attempts, a small crowd of locals had developed around their car and villagers were trying to help them break into the car. The call of coffee was strong, though, so Sam and his crew decided to take the mountain on by foot and began their walk to the top. 

The view from the Huye Mountain facility

One of the first things Sam noticed when reached the farm was the terraces they were using for irrigation (similar to those used in tea or rice farms). When it would rain, the water would gently move down each step of the terrace instead of rushing down and ruining the growing crop. This experience was the inspiration for the Rwanda Huye Mountain coffee ID- a story our team (and definitely Sam) will never forget. 

Both of these coffees will be hitting our shops and our online store soon- so keep and eye out!