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  1. Holiday Shopping Starts Now

    It’s that time of the year again in summer where we all start thinking about Christmas, right? Or is it just us? The sweltering sun beating down on you at the beach doesn’t remind you of sleigh bells? Well, we always have to be thinking ahead of the game so that we can make your life easier. In this case, we are ready to announce and launch our Corporate Gifts of 2019. 

    Download the 2019 Catalog Now


    Back again are our pre-packaged gifting options for friends, coworkers, bosses, clients and even family members. We’ve taken the stress out of holiday shopping and put the flavor in so that you can show your appreciation. We’ve curated a range of items and baskets that can be bought individually or in bulk. This way, you can spoil your favorite clients and snag that gift... continue reading →

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  2. Do More with Coffee

    Drink it up. Coffee is meant to be enjoyed. But did you know it can be used in more ways around your house? Used coffee grounds and unused beans are a great source for DIY projects. We've found our favorite ways to incorporate coffee around the house because we truly believe coffee could be the answer to everything. 

    Scrub It Away

    Coffee can warm your soul & then exfoliate your skin. Win-win. At home remedies are great because 1. you get to DIY and craft and 2. you know exactly what ingredients you're putting onto your skin. Why exfoliate? It'll help remove clogged-up dead skin and uncover fresh new cells below. Now when you moisturize, it can penetrate deeper and be more effective. Adding this to your regular routine will help you looking fresh and healthy! 

    Simple Candles 

    More DIY? YES. There... continue reading →

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  3. Traversing the Valley: Ethiopia

    "Ethiopia is where coffee started….They have so many varietals in Ethiopia that they can't even identify them." - Sam Mirto, Director of Coffee at Ferris

    After four days' air time, five days on the ground, approximately 30 driving hours, and five washing stations, Director of Coffee Sam Mirto is spent, but content. In late November 2017, Mitro embarked on a trip to Ethiopia to secure more of Ferris favorite Misty Valley, a relatively new brew for the company with clean floral notes accompanying the hints of strawberry jam and milk chocolate. Along the way, he explored coffee from a few new farms, reaffirmed existing relationships, and explored a region that supplies Ferris with much of its signature, fruity flavors.

    "Anytime you travel really far away, you want to make the most of it," says Mirto, who spent the majority of... continue reading →

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  4. Now Available: Elmhurst Milk

    Over recent years, the trend of alternative milks has risen. People are searching for new ways to enjoy the creamy, delicious ingredient due to dietary restrictions or environmental reasons. New research from Mintel reveals that non-dairy milk sales have seen steady growth over the past five years, growing an impressive 61 percent since 2012.One company dedicated to making it through these changing tides is Elmhurst 1925. A dairy company founded in 1925 by the Schwartz brothers, it was New York City’s last milk manufacturing plant until it’s closure in 2016. The company decided to re-brand as Elmhurst Milked and started to focus on plant-based milks.

    Milk delivery in Manhattan, 1936. NEW YORK PUBLIC LIBARY/PUBLIC DOMAIN via Atlas Obscura

    They teamed up with Dr. Cheryl Mitchell and her patented cold-milling process, Hydrorelease... continue reading →

  5. Punch You in the Face Acidity: Thirikwa

    Kenyan coffees have consistently been some of our favorites because of their punchy acidity and juiciness. Back again this year, Thirikwa will leave you impressed with the region’s unique flavor profile. 

    The History of Coffee in Kenya

    Although Ethiopia is believed to be the region from which coffee originated, Kenya didn’t begin to grow and cultivate the crop until 1893. Through a complicated and difficult history of British colonization and wars, it wasn’t until after 1960 that some Africans were allowed to grow coffee but still had major restrictions put on them. Thankfully after many reforms, coffee growers in Kenya have more freedom without the fear of penalties from the government. The region is noted for its co-op system of production, processing, milling, marketing, and auctions for their coffee industry. 

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     What’s Thirikwa’s Story?

    ... continue reading →