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  1. Sprinkles Donuts


    We’re so excited to celebrate with our friends over at Sprinkles Donuts as they get settled into their new location in Rockford, Michigan. Sprinkles Donut Shop is a new coffee customer here at Ferris, and we’re glad to see our coffee paired with their amazing baked goods. Nothing like a good cup of coffee alongside an amazing donut!

    “We love partnering with Ferris because of the values that we share” says Gary VanderSteldt, owner of Sprinkles Donuts. “Our goal, and the reason we continue to be successful, is to constantly focus on quality. Quality ingredients help us to make the best donuts possible, and we want the best quality coffee to be alongside every donut.”

    With plans to expand into Grand Rapids over the next three years... continue reading →

  2. Breakfast at Anna's

    An eclectic collection of coffee mugs and an iconic wall of toasters are perfectly matched by the enjoyable atmosphere at Anna’s House. By the end of the summer, this local favorite will celebrate their expansion with a Grand Opening celebration at their Grandville location, and will open the doors to their newest location in Holland. These two locations join the original Anna’s House on Plainfield, as well as their location on East Beltline.

    Decorated with a vibrant logo and black and white, 1950’s-style diner murals, these restaurants give customers a sneak peek into their breakfast or lunch experience before they ever walk through the door. The atmosphere inside is bright and sunny, with vintage-like touches and teal and lime green accents sprinkled throughout. And while the fun artwork, design features, and cute breakfast bar speak volumes to the dining experience... continue reading →