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  1. Make your Mark: ArtPrize Nine

    ArtPrize season is here and we couldn’t be more ready. ArtPrize Nine is all about honoring the creativity and courage that it takes to make your mark. It takes serious courage to step out and create something, whether it be a painter attempting a new work of art or a barista creating a signature drink. We are here to celebrate those risks and their creative outcomes. 

    As the Official Coffee Sponsor of ArtPrize Nine, we decided to choose our Brazil Primavera as the ArtPrize coffee. This coffee, as its name might allude, comes from the Primavera Farm in Brazil. They, in their own way, have taken courageous steps as they have become one of the most sustainable farms in Brazil. They recently won third place in the 2016 Sustainable Farm Awards for “Most Sustainable Farm in Brazil” for their efforts... continue reading →

  2. Coffee Catering + Ferris Coffee Truck

    Coffee Catering + Ferris Coffee Truck Q&A with Hope Berghuis, Coffee Events Coordinator

    You may have seen the Ferris coffee truck parked around town or a Ferris brew bar at a local event serving up coffee drinks to the community. Now that summer is in full swing, opportunities for the coffee truck and brew bar have been popping up! The Ferris Coffee truck is our coffee on wheels — our version of a food truck. The Brew Bar is a pop-up coffee counter where our team brews pour overs and serves coffee for different events. We sat down with Hope Berghuis, our Coffee Events Coordinator, to get the scoop on past and upcoming events as well as opportunities through catering. 

    What kind of events can the coffee truck/brew bar cater to?Everything from weddings to teacher appreciation events to new business launches in... continue reading →

  3. We Like Our Coffee Mobile

    Taking Specialty Coffee On-the-Go

    Summertime in Grand Rapids is filled with the sights and sounds of people finally shedding their winter layers to soak up the sun. Picnics, shopping excursions, patio dining – suddenly the demand for convenient, outdoor-friendly food and drinks reaches a high-point. And while the smell of delicious tacos, gyros, and other street fare fills the city, we noticed that something was missing.

    Where was the coffee?

    It’s no secret that most Americans can’t get through their day without a cup of coffee, and yet as more and more food trucks lined the busy downtown streets, great coffee was nowhere to be found.

    Without a brick-and-mortar location to work out of, Ferris had begun to look for a way to continue delivering great coffee to Grand Rapids. And then it hit us: the solution had... continue reading →