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  1. Now Available: Elmhurst Milk

    Over recent years, the trend of alternative milks has risen. People are searching for new ways to enjoy the creamy, delicious ingredient due to dietary restrictions or environmental reasons. New research from Mintel reveals that non-dairy milk sales have seen steady growth over the past five years, growing an impressive 61 percent since 2012.One company dedicated to making it through these changing tides is Elmhurst 1925. A dairy company founded in 1925 by the Schwartz brothers, it was New York City’s last milk manufacturing plant until it’s closure in 2016. The company decided to re-brand as Elmhurst Milked and started to focus on plant-based milks.

    Milk delivery in Manhattan, 1936. NEW YORK PUBLIC LIBARY/PUBLIC DOMAIN via Atlas Obscura

    They teamed up with Dr. Cheryl Mitchell and her patented cold-milling process, Hydrorelease... continue reading →

  2. It's Time to Stress Less

          Who has stress? Who thinks they can manage stress on their own? These are the questions that prompted Ferris to look into better options for their employees and families.

           The average American worker will spend a third of their life at work so it’s no surprise that work-life can bleed into home-life and vice-versa. With mental health becoming the No. 1 public health concern, companies have begun to seek out better ways to support their employees beyond the paycheck. When it comes to happiness in the workplace, recent studies have highlighted the most pressing issues and how to overcome them as an employer.

           For the past two years, Mental Health America (MHA) conducted a study and the results were obviously. “We know that employees who are over-stressed and under-supported can... continue reading →

  3. Our Retail Space Has Moved!

    If you haven't heard the news, now you have- our beloved retail space has moved from 227 Winter Ave to our new HQ on Seward Ave! Lucky for us (and our movers), it was only a four block move. Our new retail space features many of the products you came to know from our old space, with a refreshed style. In addition to the classics, we're also featuring self-serve bulk bins and a grind your own nut butter station (Endless peanut butter? SIGN US UP). Freshly brewed coffee and a simple espresso menu are available for shoppers, too! 

    New Retail Address: 839 Seward Ave NW Grand Rapids, MI

    Hours: M-F 8am-5pm

    We are so excited to share this new space with you and we can't wait to see you soon! 

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  4. What The Heck is Nitro Cold Brew?

    We’ve been hyping up our Nitro Cold Brew Coffee for a few weeks now and it just hit us… some of you might be thinking “WHAT THE HECK IS NITRO COLD BREW?” And “WHY SHOULD I DRINK IT?”

    So we thought we’d break it down for you:

    It all started in 2014, when our coffee team started experimenting with cold brew on tap and in bottles. It was sort of a passion project. Simply put, our team loved making cold brew and wanted to share it with our customers. As the years went on, we realized that we had a good thing going. Our cold brew was good. Like… really good. That's where nitro came onto the scene. West Michigan is rich with craft beer culture, and we’ve loved seeing the parallels between coffee and beer throughout the years... continue reading →