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  1. Breaking Down Blends

    Blends. Sometimes thought of in the coffee world as single origin coffee’s lesser companion- but that's far from the truth! They’re everywhere and there are a lot of misconceptions about these sweet brews. We want to demystify blends and give them the credit we believe they deserve. To kick it all off, we thought we’d start with a common question: why do coffee companies even make blends in the first place?

    Let’s start by taking a closer look at a crowd favorite: West Coast Blend. This blend is comprised of 75% Brazil Cerrado and 25% Costa Rica Montañas del Diamante. While both of those coffees can definitely hang on their own, we wanted to create a coffee that would be approachable for light and dark roast coffee drinkers alike! The Cerrado brings some heavy chocolate and nutty notes to the base... continue reading →

  2. From the Cupping Table: Founders Brewing Company & Grand Rapids Brewing Company

    People need to eat food and drink water to stay alive. It’s not as simple as that though, is it? Even in the most destitute of environments, where getting anything at all to eat or drink is a problem, flavor somehow manages to emerge. In fact, oftentimes it’s in places like this that the most satisfying, balanced, nuanced, and flavorful dishes originate!

    In this day and age, it seems like there is a movement of sorts among the masses. People are seeking more of a connection to the things that they eat and drink. They’re seeking to find the roots of these flavors, and possibly celebrate those humble beginnings while at the same time, simply enjoying the sensations of flavor on a very primal level. This upcoming blog series seeks to do just that. Let’s celebrate flavor, people coming together to... continue reading →