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  1. From the Cupping Table: Founders Brewing Company & Grand Rapids Brewing Company


    People need to eat food and drink water to stay alive. It’s not as simple as that though, is it? Even in the most destitute of environments, where getting anything at all to eat or drink is a problem, flavor somehow manages to emerge. In fact, oftentimes it’s in places like this that the most satisfying, balanced, nuanced, and flavorful dishes originate!

    In this day and age, it seems like there is a movement of sorts among the masses. People are seeking more of a connection to the things that they eat and drink. They’re seeking to find the roots of these flavors, and possibly celebrate those humble beginnings while at the same time, simply enjoying the sensations of flavor on a very primal level. This upcoming blog series seeks to do just that. Let’s celebrate flavor, people... continue reading →