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  1. Origin Trip - California

    IMG_1593.JPGAt the end of February, myself and two other members of the Ferris team went on a trip to California to touch base with our almond and walnut suppliers. Our mission was to become better acquainted with the growing and processing methods of both of these tree nuts. In just two days we toured three almond processing facilities, two walnut shelling/processing facilities, an almond orchard and a walnut orchard. It was a busy two days!

    When we arrived in California, the last of the almonds were blooming. We watched the petal fall as we listened to the loud buzzing bees, brought in for the bloom to ensure successful cross-pollination. Their hives were evenly spaced between trees. After maturing, harvesting, drying, hulling and shelling, the raw whole almond kernels travel to a facility where they go through numerous... continue reading →

  2. Origin Trip - Costa Rica


    Responsibility in coffee sourcing is so much more than an industry trend. It’s something we owe to our customers, our producers, and to ourselves. We all deserve to know that the coffee we drink has been well cared for in every step of the process.

    Our goal with any origin trip is to deepen our relationships with our producers. As we get to know our coffee farms, the workers, and the people behind the coffee we purchase, we are able to see just how many hands go into making our coffee, well before it hits our cups.

    It’s always an honor and a privilege to work with our producers. Our trip to Costa Rica was a great opportunity to search for new coffees to bring to Ferris. This trip also came with the added benefit... continue reading →

  3. 2016 US Coffee Championship Qualifier - Kansas City

    FerrisCoffee_SCAAQualifiers_JRF_0004.jpgWe're here in Kansas City for the 2016 SCAA US Coffee Championship Qualifiers. Some of the best coffee in the world is being represented here this week, and we are honored to be a part of it all. Our Head Barista Daniel Shoup and Head Trainer AJ Willett are representing Ferris this week with their impeccable beards and delicious coffee. We've met some amazing people in the industry, and connected with some old friends. It's only Wednesday, and we've already had a week full of excitement as the USCC Qualifiers are well under way. Dan wrapped up his portion of the competition in the Brewer's Cup qualifier today, and did a stand up job of representing our team.

    Dan's competition coffee comes from a family owned farm in Costa Rica called... continue reading →

  4. Origin Story: El Salvador & Guatemala

    During my second trip to coffee producing countries, I spent time in both El Salvador and Guatemala. This trip was every bit as impactful and memorable as my trip to Costa Rica, but for different reasons - as you’ll see. We started out flying into San Salvador in El Salvador, and that’s where I’ll begin.

    El Salvador is nestled between Honduras and Guatemala in Central America. Before the trip, I was told that the country has some really serious issues with gang violence, which made me a bit apprehensive. As our plane emerged below the clouds during our decent into the country, in the distance I saw the endless ocean, and around me there were mountains, and a volcano as well, which I later found out was the Volcan de Santa Ana. I also noticed many plumes of smoke in... continue reading →

  5. Origin Story: Costa Rica


    Going to origin changes your perspective on coffee, plain and simple. I’m not talking about the type of trip where one simply takes selfies with the locals in an effort to show the world how well traveled they are. Yes, selfies, pictures, and video will all go down inevitably, even the obligatory cell phone “food porn” pictures will happen (I’m so guilty of this). It’s hard not to become enamored by the beauty of a country that is completely different than your own, and there’s nothing wrong with that! However, through all of the fluff, you’ll begin to remember why you got into the coffee business in the first place, and the real reason we, as coffee professionals, have the privilege to do what we do – and that, of course, is the people.

    My first origin... continue reading →