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  1. All About Honey Processing

    We have a couple of Costa Rican coffees launching this week (Herbazu & Los Angeles). The coffees are Honey Processed, which is all the rage in Costa Rica. A unique process that doesn’t actually involved honey or bees. So what the heck is it? 

    Honey processing is one of the many ways mills process their coffee cherries. This wasn't always the way in Costa Rica. After an earthquake in 2008, there was a water shortage within the country. Farmers were left dealing with the lack of water and had to come up with creative ways to not waste their crops. Other coffee producers in places like Africa have long been processing without loads of water. Adopting similar techniques, farmers began to embrace the different aspects of the coffee cherry and use it as an aide in the process. Wait, cherries? Yep... continue reading →

  2. Origin: Herbazu

     It’s been a couple years since we’ve had this wonderful crop on our shelves. Coffees from the Herbazu Mill in the West Valley in Costa Rica are rich in history and flavor. “Herbazu” stands for Hermanos Barrantes Zuniga, which consists of four brothers and their sister (plus one brother-in-law). The siblings are third generation coffee farmers and together created the Herbazu micro mill in 2001. Their mission is to create the best coffee possible and to take the risks necessary to do so.

    The owner of the micro mill, Antonio “Toño” Barrantes, has dedicated his life to the farms and is known as a pioneer of micro mills in Costa Rica. His grandfather, Don Leoncio took the first risk and made the decision to change his land from livestock to coffee growing. Since then, the family has been cultivating and creating some of... continue reading →

  3. Costa Rica: ACCESSIBILITY

    “Going to origin changes your perspective on coffee, plain and simple. I’m not talking about the type of trip where one simply takes selfies with the locals in an effort to show the world how well traveled they are. Of course, selfies and pictures will all take place inevitably; it’s hard not to become enamored by the beauty of a country that is completely different than your own, and there’s nothing wrong with that! 

    However, through the fluff, you’ll begin to remember why you got into the business in the first place, and the real reason that we, as coffee professionals, have the privilege to do what we do—and that, of course, is the people. My first origin trip was in November 2014, when the opportunity to travel to Costa Rica presented itself," said Sam Mirto, Director of Coffee here at Ferris.

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  4. Do More with Coffee

    Drink it up. Coffee is meant to be enjoyed. But did you know it can be used in more ways around your house? Used coffee grounds and unused beans are a great source for DIY projects. We've found our favorite ways to incorporate coffee around the house because we truly believe coffee could be the answer to everything. 

    Scrub It Away

    Coffee can warm your soul & then exfoliate your skin. Win-win. At home remedies are great because 1. you get to DIY and craft and 2. you know exactly what ingredients you're putting onto your skin. Why exfoliate? It'll help remove clogged-up dead skin and uncover fresh new cells below. Now when you moisturize, it can penetrate deeper and be more effective. Adding this to your regular routine will help you looking fresh and healthy! 

    Simple Candles 

    More DIY? YES. There... continue reading →

  5. Traversing the Valley: Ethiopia

    "Ethiopia is where coffee started….They have so many varietals in Ethiopia that they can't even identify them." - Sam Mirto, Director of Coffee at Ferris

    After four days' air time, five days on the ground, approximately 30 driving hours, and five washing stations, Director of Coffee Sam Mirto is spent, but content. In late November 2017, Mitro embarked on a trip to Ethiopia to secure more of Ferris favorite Misty Valley, a relatively new brew for the company with clean floral notes accompanying the hints of strawberry jam and milk chocolate. Along the way, he explored coffee from a few new farms, reaffirmed existing relationships, and explored a region that supplies Ferris with much of its signature, fruity flavors.

    "Anytime you travel really far away, you want to make the most of it," says Mirto, who spent the majority of... continue reading →