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  1. U.S. Coffee Championship Preliminaries (Info and Sign-Up!)

    Hey y'all, we're Ferris. We’re a Grand Rapids-based company passionate about roasting and serving specialty coffee. Our Director of Coffee, a licensed Q Grader, and team regularly travel to coffee-growing countries in order to get to know our suppliers and build lasting relationships with them. We’re committed to the sustainability of the coffee industry and believe that sourcing directly gives our team a deeper understanding of each unique farm and ultimately provides our customers with the best product. 

    We are beyond stoked to be hosting the 2019 U.S. Coffee Championship Preliminaries this year! Hope to see you there!

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  2. SCAA US Coffee Championships

    We are proud to announce that our Head Barista, Daniel Shoup, has qualified for the US Coffee Championship in Atlanta, Georgia! Dan's solid score of 151.85 placed him in the top 36 overall, allowing him to advance to the USBrC in Atlanta.

    The Brewers Cup qualifying competition comprises of two events: Open Service and Compulsory. During Open Service, competitors use their choice pour over method to present their best coffee. They brew three cups of coffee for the three judges and are scored on various points like aroma, flavor, taste description, consistency, and customer service. During Compulsory, competitors are given an unmarked bag of coffee with which they must brew, taste, dial in, and select their choice brewing method to present what they believe brings out the best tasting notes of the coffee. Dan scored a 77.68 in... continue reading →

  3. US Coffee Championship - Barista Competition - Kansas City

    It's our last day in Kansas City, home of some of the best BBQ around, and this week, the best coffee in the world! Dan and AJ have done an amazing job of representing Ferris Coffee out here for the US Coffee Championships qualifiers. We're anxiously awaiting the judge's final scores, but couldn't be more proud of what these guys have done.

    AJ's coffee also comes from Finca Leoncio, but just 10 miles away from the farm in Costa Rica lies a mill called Helsar de Zarcero. At this mill there is a state of the art cascara processing station, where the skin and mucilage of the coffee is dried out to be sold as tea. AJ concentrated this tea in a simple syrup for his signature drink.

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  4. 2016 US Coffee Championship Qualifier - Kansas City

    We're here in Kansas City for the 2016 SCAA US Coffee Championship Qualifiers. Some of the best coffee in the world is being represented here this week, and we are honored to be a part of it all. Our Head Barista Daniel Shoup and Head Trainer AJ Willett are representing Ferris this week with their impeccable beards and delicious coffee. We've met some amazing people in the industry, and connected with some old friends. It's only Wednesday, and we've already had a week full of excitement as the USCC Qualifiers are well under way. Dan wrapped up his portion of the competition in the Brewer's Cup qualifier today, and did a stand up job of representing our team.

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