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  1. New Coffee - Kenya Kiangoi Peaberry

    We’re really excited to share a glimpse of the behind the scenes for how we’ve been creating the new coffee identities you’ve seen floating around! Storytelling helps to connect so many aspects of what we do here at Ferris. It’s really driven by our people and the experiences behind the scenes. For example, as Sam Mirto travels to search for some of the world’s best coffee offerings, his stories help to influence the way we approach the coffee he brings home. From the nuances of the processing methods, to the unique characteristics of the region itself, Sam’s stories guide the way we present our coffees to you!

    In line with telling stories, we’re really excited to introduce... continue reading →

  2. Secchia Institute for Culinary Education

    Every trimester Ferris welcomes our friends and future industry professionals from The Secchia Institute for Culinary Education (SICE) to spend time here learning about coffee.  As a company we value the work that the SICE is doing, and their dedication to educating their students and future restaurant owners, chefs, cooks, and bakers about the importance of coffee within the culinary and service world.

    Having a close relationship with the Program Directors and Chefs at The Secchia Institute, Mark VanTongeren has worked alongside them to create and spearhead something special and honestly one of a kind.  This event was ten tables of eight people, with each seat price going to benefit a scholarship fund and the recently opened... continue reading →

  3. National Coffee Day Throwdown - September 29th

    --- UPDATE - Due to weather, the National Coffee Day Throwdown will be held at our West Side location - 227 Winter Ave NW Grand Rapids, MI 49504 ---

    National Coffee Day is less than 24 hours away, and we’re gearing up for the ArtPrize Latte Art Throwdown in downtown Grand Rapids! The grand prize? The coveted La Marzocco – Linea Mini! We’re excited to welcome baristas from all around the Midwest in this single elimination bracket style throwdown. It’s an event worthy of National Coffee Day!

    We’ve partnered with Food 4 Farmers, a non profit organization that works to ensure food security through sustainable solutions for coffee farmers and their... continue reading →

  4. The Official Coffee of ArtPrize 8 - Ethiopia Ayehu

    Echoing this year’s ArtPrize theme, there’s a balance between art and science within coffee. With the Official Coffee of ArtPrize 8, our Ethiopia Ayehu, we’ve explored a new approach to roasting coffee. Our goal is to help coffee drinkers, from both ends of the roast preference spectrum, to experience something new and outside their typical morning routine. Sam Mirto, our Director of Coffee, and Nick Van Slett, our Head Roaster help to explain a little more of what that process looked like as we’ve prepared this coffee offering.

    “Given the theme of ArtPrize this year, we wanted to explore the idea of getting people out of their comfort zones through contrasting flavors in coffee. To do this, we... continue reading →

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  5. Artprize Throwdown - September 29th

    Artprize 8 embraces the challenge it is to consider a different perspective and to step out of our own comfort zones. Whether viewing artwork from a different angle, or putting ourselves in another's shoes, considering other viewpoints allows us to have a better understanding of the whole. The same is true in coffee. Art and science seem to always be in opposition, but in coffee, when both perspectives are in harmony, the result is evident in every cup. Baristas are no strangers to this tension, and when both art and science are balanced well, there is a better presentation of the whole experience of coffee.

    To share this experience with Grand Rapids, we've partnered with Artprize to bring a throwdown of throwdowns to... continue reading →

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