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  1. The Official Coffee of ArtPrize 8 - Ethiopia Ayehu

    Echoing this year’s ArtPrize theme, there’s a balance between art and science within coffee. With the Official Coffee of ArtPrize 8, our Ethiopia Ayehu, we’ve explored a new approach to roasting coffee. Our goal is to help coffee drinkers, from both ends of the roast preference spectrum, to experience something new and outside their typical morning routine. Sam Mirto, our Director of Coffee, and Nick Van Slett, our Head Roaster help to explain a little more of what that process looked like as we’ve prepared this coffee offering.

    “Given the theme of ArtPrize this year, we wanted to explore the idea of getting people out of their comfort zones through contrasting flavors in coffee. To do this, we... continue reading →

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      James Fry
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  2. Artprize Throwdown - September 29th

    Artprize 8 embraces the challenge it is to consider a different perspective and to step out of our own comfort zones. Whether viewing artwork from a different angle, or putting ourselves in another's shoes, considering other viewpoints allows us to have a better understanding of the whole. The same is true in coffee. Art and science seem to always be in opposition, but in coffee, when both perspectives are in harmony, the result is evident in every cup. Baristas are no strangers to this tension, and when both art and science are balanced well, there is a better presentation of the whole experience of coffee.

    To share this experience with Grand Rapids, we've partnered with Artprize to bring a throwdown of throwdowns to... continue reading →

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      James Fry
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  3. Sprinkles Donuts

    We’re so excited to celebrate with our friends over at Sprinkles Donuts as they get settled into their new location in Rockford, Michigan. Sprinkles Donut Shop is a new coffee customer here at Ferris, and we’re glad to see our coffee paired with their amazing baked goods. Nothing like a good cup of coffee alongside an amazing donut!

    “We love partnering with Ferris because of the values that we share” says Gary VanderSteldt, owner of Sprinkles Donuts. “Our goal, and the reason we continue to be successful, is to constantly focus on quality. Quality ingredients help us to make the best donuts possible, and we want the best quality coffee to be alongside every donut.”

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  4. Summer Collective on Winter - August 27th

    We're excited to announce our first annual, Summer Collective on Winter, an event focused on featuring local artists, musicians, vendors and craftspeople to celebrate the passion behind creating. Doors for the event open at 1pm on Saturday, August 27th. Tickets are available online at Eventbrite or at the door for $5.

    The idea behind the Summer Collective on Winter is to create an event geared towards supporting individuals in our community who take their craft seriously. Our day to day at Ferris is fueled by pursuing the craft of specialty coffee and then inviting our customers into that experience. We often find inspiration in and look up to other people in the community who are pursuing something... continue reading →

  5. Trust Building - New Location!

    Construction is well underway at our Trust Building location on the corner of Ottawa and Pearl in downtown Grand Rapids. Our staff is working hard to prepare for the grand opening, and we’re proud to announce the manager of our new coffee shop, Jessica Coles! If you’ve been around much, you’ve probably met Jess at our West Side location, but in case you haven’t had the pleasure of meeting her yet, here’s a little Q & A with her!

    Q – Can you tell us a little about yourself?

    I’ve been working at Ferris for just over two years, and before that I worked for five years as a barista and assistant manager for JP’s Coffee in Holland. Working in coffee... continue reading →