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  1. Dirty Roaster? Clean It Up.

    It was nearly May. I was getting close to completing my first year as a specialty coffee roaster here at Ferris, and I was gaining some confidence that I was doing things right for our customers based on the feedback we were given.

    We were increasing our production volume in our small batch specialty coffee line and I was getting a lot of time on the roaster. I had recently been noticing that my roaster was having a hard time igniting the pilot, and I figured it was just a malfunction on the machines behalf. When Sam and I contacted Diedrich, the tech told us it was a problem with the airflow. I routinely cleaned the area under the... continue reading →

  2. Day in the Life: Director of Coffee & Green Buyer

    The journey to Director of Coffee wasn't the most expected one. With a background in finance and theatre, Sam had always been looking to find a career that combined the best of the creative and the analytical worlds. A passion for coffee and the relationships it fosters showed him that this industry could be exactly what he had always been looking for. But what exactly does it mean to be the Director of Coffee and Green Coffee Buyer at Ferris?

    Tell us a little about yourself – where are you from? Describe your job and how long you’ve been at it.

    Where to begin…I group up in southwestern Michigan in a little town called Saugatuck, which is a... continue reading →

  3. "What's the Strongest Coffee You Have?"

    One of the most frequently asked questions that we get at Ferris is “What is the strongest coffee you have?” There isn’t really a simple answer to this question, therefore let me give you an explanation of some stuff first…

    When we talk about strength in our coffee, what we’re actually referring to is the Total Dissolved Solids that have been incorporated into the solution (coffee) as a result of brewing. This gets complicated so I won’t go too in depth, but suffice to say that an ideal TDS percentage is in the range of 1.15%-1.350%. This is a measurement of the milligrams of dissolved solids of a substance per liter of liquid.

    There are a lot of factors that... continue reading →

  4. Project Compost: A Sustainability Movement

    From the moment I was hired into Ferris I felt as though I stepped into a tornado of creativity, innovation, and a fearless attitude toward change. Things are constantly being critiqued, rebuilt and improved upon within this company. I can say from personal experience that there are no ideas that go unheard or unappreciated.

    When I noticed that all of our coffee grounds and filters were going directly from the coffee shop into the landfill, I did not have to twist many arms to put composting practices into action. Don’t get me wrong, definite strides were already being taken in the realm of sustainability at Ferris. On top of recycling our paper, plastic, and cardboard company-wide, I discovered that we... continue reading →

  5. Origin Story: El Salvador & Guatemala

    During my second trip to coffee producing countries, I spent time in both El Salvador and Guatemala. This trip was every bit as impactful and memorable as my trip to Costa Rica, but for different reasons - as you’ll see. We started out flying into San Salvador in El Salvador, and that’s where I’ll begin.

    El Salvador is nestled between Honduras and Guatemala in Central America. Before the trip, I was told that the country has some really serious issues with gang violence, which made me a bit apprehensive. As our plane emerged below the clouds during our decent into the country, in the distance I saw the endless ocean, and around me there were mountains, and a volcano as... continue reading →