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  1. Breakfast at Anna's

    An eclectic collection of coffee mugs and an iconic wall of toasters are perfectly matched by the enjoyable atmosphere at Anna’s House. By the end of the summer, this local favorite will celebrate their expansion with a Grand Opening celebration at their Grandville location, and will open the doors to their newest location in Holland. These two locations join the original Anna’s House on Plainfield, as well as their location on East Beltline.

    Decorated with a vibrant logo and black and white, 1950’s-style diner murals, these restaurants give customers a sneak peek into their breakfast or lunch experience before they ever walk through the door. The atmosphere inside is bright and sunny, with vintage-like touches and teal and lime... continue reading →

  2. Day in the Life: Coffee Shop Manager

    Hannah Saylor is the smiling face that greets you as you walk in the door, the barista ensuring your drink is exactly how you like it, and she's the one who makes sure that your entire experience keeps you coming back for more - but that's all in a day's work for our coffee shop manager.

    Tell us about yourself

    Aside for my obvious enthusiasm for coffee, I love to travel, spend time with my family and enjoy the outdoors. I always have a really difficult time describing myself; I feel like my interests, path and thoughts change daily. Despite being in a phase of life that is constantly changing, I have a constant thirst for adventure and... continue reading →

  3. Relationship Coffee Stickers

    Introducing our Ferris Relationship Coffee stickers. These stickers will be placed on all coffee bags from producers with whom we are fostering relationships with. Many of these relationship Coffees are available exclusively through Ferris, and we are proud to share these special coffees with our customers.

    Building long-term relationships with our suppliers is something that has always been incredibly important to us, and this direct trade purchasing model is one that we plan on utilizing for years to come.

    But it’s more than just establishing a relationship with the suppliers to ensure we’re receiving delicious, traceable coffees – these relationships ensure that the farmers profit off of their coffees in a competitive, and sometimes low-margin business.

    ... continue reading →
  4. Summer Signature Drinks

    As the summer continues to send humid weather our way, the lure of iced coffees becomes stronger and stronger. And while a tall glass of black iced coffee can certainly hit the spot, sometimes our tastebuds crave something a little different. Starting this week the coffee shop will be offering a menu of uniquely craveable drinks, each with their own signature summer spin.

    Lemonade Sproda (16 oz.)

    A refreshing lemonade soda made with a shot of our single origin espresso.

    Ingredients: ice, lemonade, soda water, espresso, lemon

    Preparation Instructions: Add ice to your glass, then pour in equal parts lemonade and soda water, leaving about an inch of room at the top. Add your espresso and stir together! Garnish with... continue reading →

  5. Specialty Roaster Camaraderie

    The specialty coffee industry continues to gain market share against the macro roasters of the world. Whether this is a result of a shift in ethos among the masses and representative of the food and beverage industry as a whole, or a movement that is specific to the coffee industry is up for debate, but no one can deny that people are more willing to pay for quality and sustainability these days.

    The validity of this movement is even evidenced by “macro” producers putting out ad campaigns that claim prowess for their macro status, a move that only indicates that this shift in ethos is on their radar to a point that they now feel threatened. So what is fueling... continue reading →