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  1. A Day in the Life of Otto: Head Coffee Roaster

    When you open up a fresh bag of whole bean coffee and smell the intoxicating scent of roasted coffee, do you ever think about the science, and the art, that went into roasting each bean to its optimal roast profile? For our Head Coffee Roaster, Otto, ensuring that you receive the best cup of coffee you can is part of his every day.

    Tell us about yourself: Describe your job and how long you've been at it

    I am from Quetzaltenango in Guatemala. I am the second oldest in my family, with four brothers and two sisters. I am around 37 years old, married and have a daughter who is nine years old.

    I have been roasting coffee for 12 years, but... continue reading →

  2. Barista Bio: Dan Shoup


    A little over four years now. My first Barista gig was at a Starbucks cafe. I spent two years there before relocating to northern Illinois/Chicago area where I intended to pursue work in the coffee industry. In March of 2012, I started working in specialty coffee at an independent coffee shop in Evanston, IL called The Brothers K Coffeehouse. I spent roughly a year at Bros K before moving back to Grand Rapids, where I immediately started looking for barista work. It took some time but eventually I found my coffee family here at Ferris in February of 2014.


    I believe a positive coffee experience has the... continue reading →

  3. Specialty Coffee & Craft Beer Parallels

    I feel like this is a topic I talk about all the time, but I don’t ever get tired of it. Coffee and beer end up in the same conversations on the reg, and for good reason. More and more these days, we’re seeing beer people in coffee bars, coffee people in breweries, coffee in beer, cold brew coffee that drinks like beer, skinny jeans, mug clubs, ironic mustaches, merch for days, collabs, bikes, those hats with the short brims, haircuts that are like shaved on the bottom and really long on top….Shoot, what was I describing again?

    The point is there is a culture around the two beverages, and of course the culture is not defined aesthetically like I joked... continue reading →

  4. Barista Bio: Jessica Coles

    Q: How long have you been working in coffee? What’s your coffee history?

    I have only ever worked in the coffee industry, going on five years now. I used to work for JP's Coffee and Espresso bar in Holland, MI, and have done some side coffee consulting and training through what was the Midwest Barista School. I've also competed in latte art championships and helped JP's take third in America's Best Coffeehouse 2013.

    Q: What is your favorite coffee / espresso drink?

    I love cortados, the equal balance and size is perfect if done well!

    Q: What is your favorite brew method?

    I enjoy Chemexes a lot, especially because I can share it with someone!

    Q: Do you have any achievements that... continue reading →

  5. We Like Our Coffee Mobile

    Taking Specialty Coffee On-the-Go

    Summertime in Grand Rapids is filled with the sights and sounds of people finally shedding their winter layers to soak up the sun. Picnics, shopping excursions, patio dining – suddenly the demand for convenient, outdoor-friendly food and drinks reaches a high-point. And while the smell of delicious tacos, gyros, and other street fare fills the city, we noticed that something was missing.

    Where was the coffee?

    It’s no secret that most Americans can’t get through their day without a cup of coffee, and yet as more and more food trucks lined the busy downtown streets, great coffee was nowhere to be found.

    Without a brick-and-mortar location to work out of, Ferris had begun to... continue reading →