Nicaragua Buena Vista

Finca Buena Vista is the name of a small farm just outside of San Fernando, Nicaragua. This farm is one of four farms owned by Roger Esau Herrera Ortez and his sons. Growing at an elevation of 1400 - 1650 meters above sea level requires serious care and attention to detail, as temperatures are cooler and trees take almost four years to reach maturity. These difficult growing conditions make for a low yield but the outcome has been consistently delicious, winning Herrera fifth place in the Cup of Excellence Nicaragua in 2017. This washed coffee has pleasant notes of stone fruit and malt with a creamy body.

Product Details

  • Country
  • Region
    La Explosion, San Fernando, Nueva Segovia
  • Altitude
    1400-1650 masl
  • Varietal
  • Process
  • Tasting Notes
    Stonefruit, malty, creamy

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12 oz bag $17.50