Rwanda Bushoki

Bushoki Coffee Washing Station was built in 2006 by Cooperative Inyongera Musaruro. The coop has approximately 500 farmers but there are an estimated 800 farmers that deliver to Bushoki. The wet mill uses a 3 disk McKinnon pulping unit and has 42 drying beds for drying the parchment coffee. In 2013 the coop decided that they were not being managed very well after running into some financial troubles. They rented the station to a private operator and began working with Rwanda Trading Company in 2014 and have benefitted greatly from on time financing and operational oversight. 

Product Details

  • Tasting Notes
    Orange Marmalade, Sweet Bread, Honey
  • Region
  • Altitude
    1776 masl
  • Process
    Fully washed, sun dried on raised drying beds
  • Varietal

Product Checkout

12 oz bag $16.00