1924 Espresso

The '1924' is our house espresso blend. The lighter roast preserves more sweetness as there are more sugars left to caramelize when pulling a shot. This blend combines the heavy body and spice notes from the Indonesian coffee, the tart berry notes from the East African coffee, and sweet caramel notes from the Central American Coffee. Its complexity is preserved when combined with milk, which makes a wonderful latte or cappuccino. The '1924' is an easy espresso to drink on its own, and makes for a nice brewed coffee as well.

Product Details

  • Tasting Notes
    Tart Cherry, Nutty, Berry, Wine-like
  • Acidity
  • Body
    1% Milk
  • Blend Profile
    Coffees from Africa, Indonesia, and Central America

Product Checkout

12 oz bag $14.00