Burundi Incuti (Natural)
Burundi Incuti (Natural)
Burundi Incuti (Natural)
Burundi Incuti (Natural)
Burundi Incuti (Natural)
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Burundi Incuti (Natural)

Naturally processed coffees heighten the tasting notes to new levels. You'll be able to experience all that Burundi coffee has offer within this cup of Incuti Natural. Grown in the Kayanza Province, you can sip and enjoy the pure and wholesome tastes of this growing region of globally-renowned coffee.

Because we were fortunate to source both washed and natural coffees from the same producers, this is a great opportunity to compare coffees. Grab our Burundi Bundle for a side-by-side experience to taste the difference in processing methods!

Jeanine Niyonzima-Aroian, the founder of JNP Coffees, is without a doubt one of the most influential individuals in Burundi coffee today. We’ve worked with her for many years now, bringing you the unique, flavorful coffees of the region. Her new program called Dushime meaning “let’s be thankful,” is built on the same values she’s brought to the International Women's Coffee Alliance (IWCA). The Dushime program provides quality consulting, lot selection, marketing to JNP’s buyer community, and end-of-year premiums. The premiums we pay for this coffee goes directly back to the producers, along with pre-harvest financing, quality control assistance, investing in opportunities for education and community building! Jeanine serves as a role model for what a Burundian woman can achieve in her country.  As a licensed Q grader, she continues to strengthen the global specialty coffee industry. 

Natural (Dry Process)

Cherries get picked and sorted then laid out on beds that are like nets/screens to allow airflow. workers will then turn and move the cherries to ensure even drying. In the end, the cherries morph from bright red plump fruits to having a sort of raisin-look to them. Fermentation happens inside the cherries during this process and you end up with lots of chemicals that taste fruity. Naturals tend to be sweet, have lots of sweet notes like berries or tropical fruits.



Your coffee is roasted-to-order. 
This means we roast your beans when we receive your order ensuring the freshest cup of coffee. Please allow approximately three (3) business days before we ship your order.


 Producers  400 farmers organized around the Incuti Producer Group
 Country   Burundi
 Region  Kayanza Province
 Elevation  1900 masl
 Process  Natural
 Roast  Light
 Tasting Notes  Cabernet, Plum, Black Cherry


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