ferris coffee unroasted green coffee beans brazil santos
ferris coffee unroasted green coffee beans brazil santos
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Brazil Santos (Green, Un-Roasted)

Our Brazil Cerrado, which we call by the more generic name “Santos”, is sourced through our friends at Ally Coffee, who have named this particular selection Paubrasil. Paubrasil delivers the best of a classic natural processed coffee is one of their core coffees from Brazil. Paubrasil is named for Brazil’s national tree and exemplifies the consistent quality created by Brazil’s seasoned farmers, who use all available technologies to advance production by growing coffees that offer balanced, smooth profiles, despite changing environmental conditions. The country of Brazil is the highest yielding coffee producer in the world but don't let that fool you, Santos is one of South America's premium coffees.

Enjoy roasting 1 lb. of specialty green bean coffee at home and experience the freshest cup imaginable. 

Read more about this coffee and it's special traceability on our blog!

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