French Roast Coffee Pods
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French Roast Coffee Pods

French Roast is our take on a big, bold, dark roasted coffee. We use fresh coffee from Colombia, and roast the coffee just dark enough to bring out some notes of smoke, dark chocolate, and burnt sugar. This coffee also has an extremely heavy body and mouthfeel, and almost no acidity is perceivable. For those of you who are dark roaster drinkers, this is the coffee for you.

Each box contains 10 recyclable coffee pods.

Brewing Guide: We recommend a ratio of 1 part coffee to 14 parts water. For our coffee pods, we prefer brewing at the 3-5 oz. setting when possible but encourage you to adjust to your taste.


 Producers  Various
 Country  Columbia
 Region  Huila
 Elevation  1500 masl
 Process  Washed
 Roast  Dark
 Tasting Notes  Dark Chocolate, Sweet Tobacco
 Acidity  Mild
 Body  Chewy
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