various ferris and lush gourmet product bundle
various ferris and lush gourmet product bundle
10-ounce ferris roasted salted cherries berries and nuts, cashews, and cinnamon roasted almonds
6-ounce craft beer mix, lush gourmet products include cinnamon roasted peanuts, chocolate sea salt cashews, dark cocoa chili almonds, coconut lavender almonds, original peanuts
large elegant black gift box with red ribbon, ferris circle f centered
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Premium Gift Box

Our most popular treats are packed into this beautifully packaged box. From sweet to salty- there is certainly something delicious for everyone to enjoy. Perfectly wrapped and topped with a bow, this box becomes an easy win when gifting to someone special! Add a special note when you're checking out and let us send something special to a deserving recipient. 

This packaged box includes:

  • Roasted Salted Cherries, Berries and Nuts (10 oz)
  • Cinnamon Roasted Almonds (10 oz) 
  • Roasted Salted Cashews (10 oz)
  • Craft Beer Mix (6 oz)
  • Lush Gourmet Minis (1 oz): Chocolate Sea Salt Cashews, Cinnamon Spice Peanuts, Coconut Lavender Almonds, Original Recipe Peanuts, Dark Cocoa Chili Almonds
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