Sumatra Red Badger
Sumatra Red Badger
Sumatra Red Badger
Sumatra Red Badger
Sumatra Red Badger
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Sumatra Red Badger

This coffee comes from coffee farmers in the Permata Gayo co-op. Founded in 2006, it's mission of giving small-scale Indonesian coffee farmers more choice and control in the pricing and distribution of their products. This has resulted in farmers ability to retain more of their coffee's selling price, contributing to a better standard of living for their families.

The ideal growing conditions of this region, home to the Gayonese people, has supported the long history and unique quality reputation of “Gayo Mountain” coffee.  The sweet, earthy, green pepper and red fruit notes along with its syrupy body and lingering finish are characteristic of this Gayo coffee.

The co-op started with just 50 farmers from 5 villages and has grown to have more than 1,009 farmers from 39 villages today.  They have brought the full process of coffee production from farmer to final export under one roof, thus improving quality, and guaranteeing more traceability from Aceh to roaster. Over the years, the above program has been able to provide school supplies for many students in the Lintong and Aceh region as well as food supplies to disadvantaged children in the community. 

So cheers to the badger; a tenacious, clever, little rascal that makes the perfect mascot for this unexpected combination of rich chocolate and earthy flavors married with notes of cherry. This coffee offers a syrupy body and a mild, tart acidity that will keep you on your toes!


Your coffee is roasted-to-order. 
This means we roast your beans when we receive your order ensuring the freshest cup of coffee. Please allow approximately three (3) business days before we ship your order.


 Producers  Gayo Highland Coffee Co-op
 Country  Indonesia
 Region   Pondok Ulung Village, Sumatra
 Elevation  1200-1500 meters
 Process  Wet Hulled
 Roast  Medium
 Tasting Notes  Chocolate, Cherry, Musky, Creamy
 Acidity  Medium
 Body  Big Body
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