Willett Aj 53

Aj Willett

Aj is our Head of Education at Ferris.  His daily tasks include training our Baristas, educating our staff, training our wholesale customers, and leading classes for the general public about all things coffee.  AJ has not only competed in several competitions hosted by the Specialty Coffee Association, but has also helped organize and host a regional qualifying event for the Brewer’s Cup and Barista competition at Ferris attended by baristas from all throughout the Midwest.  He has also helped to develop the Coffee in Good Spirits competition through the SCA, and currently serves as a judge for the competition.  AJ has travelled to coffee growing countries for Ferris, and is also a member of our sensory team focused on selection and QC.  In his spare time, AJ enjoys travelling, ping pong, all the sports, Subarus, pizza, and getting things off tall shelves (he’s very tall).

Mirto Sam 46

Sam Mirto

Sam is the Director of Coffee at Ferris, and in this role he sources our green coffee, oversees our roasting and packing operations, and oversees our service department. 

 For his duties in sourcing, he travels to coffee growing countries to meet with our suppliers, and makes selections for our annual coffee needs.  He also performs quality control through grading and cupping once the green coffee arrives at Ferris.  He is a licensed Q Grader, and has participated in judging coffee brewing competitions through the SCA.  Outside of work, Sam enjoys cooking, brewing beer, LeBron James, chicken wings, Guy Fieri, and Italians.