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These classes were designed with both the coffee novice and home enthusiast in mind. Whether you're home roasting your own beans or just looking to start brewing better coffee at home, we've got the classes for you!

Home Brewing Class

Home Brewing 101

The Home Brewing 101 workshop is designed for both the coffee enthusiast and novice. This is 100% hands-on, brewing coffee through multiple devices and identifying the key tools needed to brew better coffee at home. Students will taste and compare brewing methods, highlighting and reinforcing effective techniques to pull the most flavors out of your coffee in a home setting. 

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Espresso Tasting

In this class, we will taste a variety of espresso styles ranging from bright single origin espresso to traditional Italian stylized espresso.

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Home Roasting

Roasting Coffee at Home

Students will learn popular ways to roast green coffee at home, transforming this raw food into a golden brown consumable masterpiece. The instructors will cover popular home roasting practices and what to look for when performing each one. Students will leave with a better understanding of how green coffee transforms into a finished product through the application of controlled heat. Be prepared to fall even more in love with the complexity of coffee by then end of this class.

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Coffee tasting: identifying taste + Understanding Origin

Have you ever wondered if people can actually identify those tasting notes listed on the bag? Green Apple? Mixed berry jelly? Caramelized carrot juice? (Well maybe not that last one). Through the Coffee Tasting class we will figure out those nuance flavors that farmers, roasters, baristas, and now you, the home brewer, are trying to pull out and highlight in that morning cup of Joe.

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