Ferris Specialty Coffee Guide

Offices, restaurants, shops, and more are seeing the benefits of choosing quality coffee for their employees and customers. See the benefits of choosing quality coffee. Save time and money with Ferris as we take care of all your coffee needs.

The Many Benefits of Workplace Coffee

The average American drinks up to 3.1 cups of coffee per day. This equates to nearly 800+ cups of coffee during the work week. Research shows that good workplace coffee is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to create a better workplace environment. A global study by Mars Drinks surveyed people from all career paths and determined ‘Four Pillars of Workplace Vitality’. These pillars include collaboration, vitality, well-being, and productivity. All of which are positively impacted by quality workplace coffee consumption.

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Fresh Coffee is Key!

Harvesting coffee throughout the world is dependent on a number of factors including region, season, climate, and unpredicted weather conditions. Coffee beans are harvested throughout the year and to ensure you have the freshest, quality cup we created a calendar to help you choose which coffees to buy. 

Our 2020 Coffee Calendar


Coffee contains caffeine, which acts as a stimulant and boosts mental performance, increases energy levels, improves concentration and is high in antioxidants and nutrients. As a result, it means employees are more engaged, productive, and energized. With our single-origin, blends, and even Nitro Coffee on tap options, we can fuel your workplace with ease. 


Introducing specialty coffee to your workplace could be one of the best changes you make to your business, and will not just give employees a part of the day to look forward to, but could help ideas to grow and employees to thrive. By increasing job satisfaction, teamwork and positivity will be vastly improved in the office. Ensuring employees are more engaged and productive.


Coffee breaks are a small reward which can significantly increase staff well-being. Employee well-being takes employees mental and physical health into consideration, and breakout spaces for employees to relax and have an informal chat with colleagues can provide relief and retreat from the stresses and tensions of a busy office environment.