At Ferris, we take pride in our wholesale capabilities. From our new 165,000 square foot production and warehouse facility to our multiple product lines of best-sellers and fan favorites, we're positive we have what you're searching for. With over 95 years of wholesale experience, we can create unique solutions for your needs. Whether you are a small business owner beginning your journey, a restauranteur with experienced chefs, a grocery buyer looking to expand product offerings to customers, or an established business searching for quality products; choose Ferris and we'll do our best to help you succeed.

Food Service & Restaurant 

Beyond being able to stock kitchens with quality ingredients, we aim to support your business in multiple ways. Our experience in menu concept and design to our trained technicians who alleviate stressful situations, we are here to help.


With our wide variety of products and multiple forms of packaging, our solutions are multi-departmental. We provide merchandising solutions for our specialty coffee and nuts, giving your customers the best quality in the most convenient way. 

Cafe and Coffee Shop

Whether you are a new cafe or interested in serving specialty coffee to customers, our team can help set you up for success. With complimentary training for staff and business support, let us make an impact on your menu. Our coffee is high-scoring, specialty beans at an approachable price.

Food Manufacturing

From small shops to large corporations, we are able to create custom solutions. We adhere to best practices for food safety, including SQF certifications and GMP regulations, that focuses on high-quality ingredients with the utmost care. Traceability like this allows us to help elevate your product with care and precision. 

Workplace Coffee

Our extensive specialty coffee program allows businesses of all sizes to curate exactly what they are looking for. From seasonal single-origins to blends, allow us to create a coffee program to enrich your office. We'll provide everything you need from delivery, ancillary products, equipment, and more to fuel your employees. 

Read more about our workplace coffee program

Convenience Store

Our products like the Grab+Go pouches or our To-Go Cup line give healthy solutions with space in mind as a priority. Products like Ferris will add value and depth to your store. Allow us to pair them with a tailored coffee program that can set your store up for success by keeping customers satisfied.

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