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Ferris nuts, cherries, berries, and nuts, 8-ounce

16 oz. Signature

A variety of Ferris favorites including raw nuts, roasted and salted nuts, and trail mixes packaged with high visibility. Colorful and bright, this collection pops off the shelf! Be sure to check out seasonal options! 

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ferris nuts deluxxe mixed nuts, 16-ounce

1 lb. Signature

With an elevated re-designed look, this signature collection offers a variety of our best-selling products including raw nuts, roasted and salted nuts, and mixes in a resealable package.

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ferris nuts, cherries, berries, and nuts, 10-ounce

10 oz. Classics

This stand-up pouch sits perfectly with ease, ideal for shelves, c-stores, or specialty shops. The large clear window offers shoppers a glimpse at the delicious snack inside. 

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ferris nuts salad topper kit, cranberry pecan

Salad Topper Kits

Easy to merchandise with a convenient, perforated box that allows for display and distribution. This resealable topper includes recipes and suggested additional products.

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ferris nuts, roasted salted cashews deli cup

Deli Cups

This extensive product line has options of nuts and mixes including raw, certified organic, and roasted salted. As well as dried fruit, chocolate, and seed options. 

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ferris nuts, craft beer mix pouch, 6-ounce

Craft Beer Mix

An undeniable crowd-favorite, this mix works well in specialty stores, c-stores, and grocery. Available with shipper display options!

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ferris nuts, roasted salted cashews grab and go, 1.75-ounce

Grab + Go

Conveniently packaged portioned snacks and shipped in a multi-purpose box, display easily near registers or other quick-snacking sections.

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ferris nuts, kettle cooked chili lime peanuts to go cup

To Go Cups

New to Ferris, these on-the-go snacking options are handy little treats. Smaller footprint and stack-ability allow for more shelf space and easy display options.

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ferris coffee, west coast blend coffee, 12-ounce

Coffee Program

High-scoring specialty coffees sourced intentionally by our licensed Q-grader. Expect an approachable experience to the world of specialty coffee with a variety of roasts levels and tasting notes.

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ferris coffee,  nitro cold brew coffee can

Nitro Coffee

Infused with nitrogen to create a smooth, creamy frothiness, our Nitro Cold Brew Black Coffee is packed with 196 mg of caffeine per can. 

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ferris coffee, nitro tea, hibiscus berry can

Nitro Tea

A great caffeine-free ready to drink option for customers, this tea is tart in flavor and bright in color. Add a bold new product to your offerings!

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lush gourmet, sea salt and black pepper peanuts, mini

Lush Gourmet

Hand-crafted gourmet nuts roasted in small batches, our Lush Gourmet line offers incredibly unique flavor combinations unlike anything other. Perfect for an elevated snacking experience.

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