Guatemala El Tempixque
Guatemala El Tempixque

Guatemala El Tempixque

An exemplifying example of Guatemalan coffee, you can expect a round, heavy, balanced sweet cup thanks to the regions misty mornings and rich volcanic soil.

Tasting Notes

Milk Chocolate, Raspberry, Citrus, Juicy


Your coffee is roasted-to-order. This means we roast your beans when we receive your order, ensuring the freshest cup of coffee. Please allow approximately three to five business days before we ship your order.


Roast Level



Traditional Fully Washed 






The Falla family started growing coffee in the Antigua valley in Guatemala in 1890. It was in 1962, that Arturo Falla Cofiño, 3rd generation of the Falla family, decided to purchase land next to his family’s original farm. This new farm he called “El Tempixque." Tempisque is the name of a tree that is right in front of the gate at the farm.  Arturo, who completed his studies in the US, was very passionate about the land. He focused on growing coffee and was a pioneer in including shade grown practices such as using Grevillea trees and Macadamia trees within the coffee fields. Arturo passed away in 1992 and his five children voted the fourth brother, Estuardo Falla, to be the one who would continue leading the family’s efforts in coffee.  

Differently to Arturo, Estuardo has always been more business oriented and quickly  suggested to his siblings the idea of developing a proper wet and dry mill operation where they could not only improve the quality and processing of El Tempixque’s coffee, but also a mill that could source and service other producers. On the agricultural side, Estuardo has continued developing El Tempixque, focusing on  growing mainly bourbon and caturra, with an idea to maintain the known Genuin Antigua cup profile.


  • Producers: Arturo Falla Cofiño 
  • Country: Guatemala
  • Region: Antigua
  • Elevation: 1500 m
  • Varietal: Bourbon, Caturra, Catuai 

Brewing Guide

We recommend a ratio of 1 part coffee to 14 parts water, no matter your brewing style. For the best cup, we suggest using filtered water at 195 - 205 degrees Farenheight.

Coffee - 30 grams (4 TBSP)Water - 407 grams (14 OZ)