man pouring water into chemex brewing device
man pouring water into chemex brewing device
large classroom, man pouring coffee, man sitting at bar, two women on benches
woman instructor pouring water into coffee brewer
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Making Better Coffee at Home (Coffee Brewing 101)

By far our most popular class, Coffee Brewing 101 is informative and interactive. 

The workshop will cover important home brewing variables such as: water filtration, grind size, different types of coffee brewers, pour-over devices, and proper brewing techniques. Students will brew multiple cups of coffee, tasting with the instructor while hypothesizing ways to improve the coffee taste. 

25% off Ferris products in our store after the class. (Some exclusions apply)

You can expect:

  • Pour-over demonstrations.
  • Individual brew stations.
  • Coffee grinder education.
  • Recommended equipment and water filtration for home set-ups. 
  • Various styles of coffees to brew & taste.
  • Competitive discount on various brewing equipment.
  • 25% off Ferris products in our store after the class. (Some exclusions apply)

 Who is this class for:

  • Everyone!  There is a wide variety of knowledge covered, you are bound to have some significant take-aways.  There is also a dramatic range of coffee offerings for brewing, featuring different origins, blends, and roast styles.  Novices to self proclaimed experts are welcomed.


Is it cool to come by myself?

Absolutely!  The class is conversational and inclusive. It lends well to possibly even making some new friends!

How can I contact the organizer with any questions?

Feel free to email 

Where is this event located?

This event is located at our Training lab: 839 Seward Avenue NW, Grand Rapids, Michigan, 49504

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