coffee beans roasting in large circular pan with ladel
coffee beans roasting in large circular pan with ladel
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Roasting Coffee At Home
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Roasting Coffee At Home

Growing in popularity, Roasting Coffee At Home is both informative and interactive.

In this two hour workshop you will learn popular ways to roast green coffee at home. Taught by our Director of Coffee Sam K. Mirto, participants will cover popular home roasting practices as well as a better understanding of how green coffee transforms into a finished product through the application of controlled heat.

You can expect:

  • Sensory roasting demonstration.
  • Tasting side-by-side roast profiles of coffee.
  • Recommended roasting equipment options for various home set-ups.
  • Coffee to drink during the workshop.
  • High quality green coffee available for sale.
  • 25% off Ferris products in our store after the class. (Some exclusions apply)

Who is this class for:

  • Anyone interested in roasting! There is such a wide variety of knowledge covered, you are bound to have some significant take-aways, whether roasting for the first time, or having roasted for years. There will be a dynamic amount of information covered with plenty of Q&A, insuring a well rounded workshop experience. Novices to self proclaimed experts are welcomed.


Is it cool to come by myself?

Absolutely! The class is conversational and inclusive. It lends well to possibly even making some new friends!

Do I need to know anything about roasting coffee?

Nope. Zero, zilch, nada.

Where is this event located?

This event is located at our Training lab: 839 Seward Avenue NW, Grand Rapids, Michigan, 49504

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Regular price $45.00