various ferris product bundle
various ferris product bundle
ferris fruit, 10-ounce deli cup, dried pineapple chunks
ferris nuts, 16-ounce bag, tropical mix
ferris nuts, 16-ounce plastic jar, raw major mango
lush gourmet, 3.85-ounce, coconut ginger cashews
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Tropical Vibes Bundle

Transport yourself to an island far, far away with this delicious bundle of tropical favorites. You can practically hear the ocean waves hitting the beach as you snack on this fruity treats. No matter where you are, this combination of snacks will satisfy cravings without the need to pack a bag!

This bundle includes:

  • 1-pound Tropical Mix
  • 16 oz. Raw Major Mango
  • 3.85 oz. Coconut Ginger Cashews
  • Dried Pineapple Deli Cup


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