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What can your Workplace Coffee Program look like?

Offering specialty coffee in the workplace is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to show employee appreciation on a daily basis. Consistently good coffee boosts morale and energy levels, fueling your team to be their best! 

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Fueled by Ferris

As a local coffee roaster, it is our privilege to provide Workplace Coffee programs for some of the most innovative, industry-leading companies in Michigan. By serving businesses through our coffee, we believe we are contributing to the betterment of their teams, the products and services they provide, and the community as a whole.

We Have You
Consistent Team

Consistent team of Ferris individuals dedicated to serving you


24/7 service on all equipment - installation and maintenance 


Free tastings and access to coffee education/training

Customizable Programs

Customizable programs for any workplace setting - large or small

Directly Sourced

Wide variety of directly-sourced, specialty coffees

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Here’s to great coffee and a great work environment! For more information on Ferris Workplace Coffee, free samples and tastings, or any questions- contact us! 

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Cold Brew Awesome

Check out this blog written by our Workplace Coffee Sales Representative, Natalie, which highlights some of the amazing benefits of providing Workplace Coffee.

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