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As a local coffee roaster, it is our privilege to provide Workplace Coffee programs for some of the most innovative, industry-leading companies. By serving businesses through our coffee, we believe we are contributing to the betterment of their teams, the products and services they provide, and the community as a whole. Offering specialty coffee in the workplace is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to show employee appreciation on a daily basis while boosting morale and productivity.

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  • Coffee Selections- Bring the cafe into your workplace with a variety of high-quality coffees. We offer coffee blends, espressos, decaf, cold brew, and seasonal varieties. It's important to us that you get to sample a variety of flavors to find what you're looking for. We'll come to you and provide tastings to best please all the coffee lovers in the office. 
  • Ancillary Products- We offer a wide selection of ancillary items to complement our coffee program. Among these are tea, hot cocoa, creamer, sugar, flavored syrups, cups, lids, stir sticks, serveware, flatware, barista equipment, and cleaning supplies. A complete product list with pricing is attached. We are happy to accommodate special orders to this list. Additionally, we are the exclusive Michigan food service distributor for Elmhurst Barista Series alternative milk products. We secured this partnership to provide our cafes and wholesale partners with the highest quality, clean label alternative milk products available- including a steady supply of oat milk, which is in extremely high demand nationwide. We also carry Pacific Barista Series alternative milks.
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  • Working Local- We're a family owned business and have been for over 90 years. We pride ourselves in being a locally owned company and love to support other local business with quality products. We aim to strengthen the community and lift each other up so that everyone can succeed. 
  • Quality- Our prices are reasonable and that may shock some when it comes to high-quality ingredients. We're grateful for our size to be able to extend such products at an approachable price so that everyone is welcome to the coffee table. 
  • Training- We offer comprehensive training to all wholesale customers at no additional cost. Our Education and Training Lab works with everyone from those totally new to specialty coffee to the seasoned barista.  We encourage all customers to schedule training sessions with us for existing staff at least annually, and for new staffers as close to hire as possible.     
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  • Account Managers- We assign each customer an account manager to serve as their primary contact.  Your account manager will receive and place all orders, ensuring that they are fulfilled and delivered as promised.  The account manager communicates solutions to any issue that might arise and works to resolve them in a timely and efficient manner.  Your account manager will also communicate information about new coffee offerings and other products, as well as seasonal out of stocks.  Typically, samples of new coffees will be sent automatically, but samples of any coffee at any time are available by request.  If you have questions about products, logistics, general accounting, or marketing, your account manager is there to assist.
  • Equipment Service Team- We have an internal Equipment Service Department at Ferris that installs, maintains and repairs  equipment within the greater West Michigan area on a daily basis.  Our technicians are trained and licensed to service Bunn and Curtis equipment, as well as Nuova Simonelli, La Marzocco, Synesso, and Rancilio espresso equipment. Additionally, we have a network of service providers that we can access for customers outside of our in-house service capabilities.    
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